Thursday, April 1, 2010

No April Fools Joke Here! Spent $5.60 and saved $201.71 for "Clipping for a Cause!"

I can't even put into words the absolute joy that comes over me to spread all of these goodies out on the floor and know that only 5 bucks was spent out of pocket. You would not believe how many donated coupons we got at First United Methodist Church of L'ville this week for Clipping for a Cause! Let's just say that the box that everyone places them in was overloaded and the lid barely closed on the top!!!!! What a great problem to have. Not only that, but I was so happy when someone new came to join in on the fun (Lisa) and she explained she heard about it from a friend but she was from another church! Her scissors were smokin' yesterday! :)

Yall know I love to rave about Publix. Last night was, again, one of those memorable trips I will never forget. I had two separate orders. The one pictured above was for all of my "Clipping for a Cause" stuff. The other order was for my family. It took me about 2-3 hours I would say to navigate around the store, with three different coupon organizers, two different lists, and best of all, 0 kids! Heck, if it took me 4-5 hours I wouldn't be complaining! Isn't it sad when your alone time consists of going grocery shopping?! But, it's so much fun now!

Anyway, as I was checking out and handing the cashier (Steven, who is now one of my faves) my massive pile of wadded up coupons, we struck up a conversation. Suzanne at customer service happened to be listening in and caught the part about why I had two separate orders. She wanted to find out more about "Clipping for a Cause." She was so excited that we exchanged email addresses and she is eager about becoming a part of the ministry! In fact, she is going to start collecting items herself and get the word out at Hamilton Mill Publix about what we are doing!!!!!!!! Do you even know how excited I was?! Her eagerness and excitement to help with the cause just fueled my passion for doing this even more. In case I haven't said it before (lol) I love Publix! is the very first post of the month and all of the items purchased after Wednesday's "clipping party." Yall aren't going to believe all this stuff!!!!!

(12) Vick's 2-pks Nyquil/Dayquil @ $1.29
USED: (12) $1.50 Manufacturer's Coupon

(4) Puff's Tissue @ $1.99
USED: (4) Manuf. Coupons for "Buy 2 Vick's Get 1 Puff's Free"

(14) Bags of Steamfresh/Birdseye Veggies @ 0.89
USED: Various Coupons, 0.50/1 Birdseye, 0.50/1 Steamfresh $1/2 bags of Steamfresh Publix Q
TOTAL: Free PLUS Overage (about $7 overage)

(5) Bags of Rice @ 0.99

(15) Yoplait Greek Yogurt @ $1
USED: (12) Manuf. Q's for 0.30 and (15) Try it Free Publix Q's
TOTAL: Free PLUS Overage (about $7.20 overage)

(6) "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" @ $1.25
USED: (6) 0.60/1 Manuf. Q's and (3) 0.75/2 Publix Q's
TOTAL: $1.65

(4) Hellman's Mayo @ $2.47
USED: (4) Publix Q's for $1/1 and (4) Manuf. Q's for 0.60/1

(2) Boxes of Chocolate Cheerios @ $2
USED: (2) Publix Q's for $1/1 and (2) Manuf. Q's for 0.50/1

(5) Yakisoba Noodles @ 0.79
USED: (4) $1/2 Manuf. Coupons and (1) Manuf. Q for 0.50/1
TOTAL: 0.95

(8) Arm and Hammer Toothpastes @ $1.50
USED: (4) $2.50/2 Manuf. Coupons

(2) J&J Soap Buddy Bars @ 1.09
USED: (2) $1/1 Johnson and Johnson Manuf. Q
TOTAL: 0.18

(1) Prevacid @ 10.79
USED: (1) Manuf. Q for $6/1 and (1) Publix Q for $5/1
TOTAL: Free Plus a little overage

(5) Schick Razors @ 0.99
USED: (5) Manuf. Q's for $3/1
TOTAL: Free PLUS Overage!

(4) J&J First Aid Kits @ $1.47
USED: (4) $1/1 Manuf. Coupons
TOTAL: $1.88

(4) Boxes of Mac N Cheese @ $1.99 BOGO

(2) Idaho Potato Pouches @ $1.19
NO COUPONS AGAIN! Getting Slack!

(1) Box of Ronzini @ 0.70

(7) Boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes- CLEARANCE 0.80 A BOX!
USED: (1) 0.40/1 Manuf. Q and (6) 0.25/1 Manuf Q
TOTAL: $1.30

(5) Lysol 4 in 1 Cleaners @ $1.35
USED: (5) 0.50/1 Manuf. Q's
TOTAL: $1.75

USED: $1/1 Manuf. Q's and $1/1 Publix Q's
TOTAL: FREE Plus 0.50 Overage on each!


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