Monday, April 5, 2010

New Publix Ad Starts Today! Several Ways to Donate for FREE This Week!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! As most of you probably already know, the new Publix ad is finally out today! That was a pretty long stretch with 2 weeks of the same ad...and I am pretty sure it will be a while before we see a box of Chocolate Cheerios in stock at any location! They were all pretty much wiped out!

Anyway, here are some suggestions for how to donate to "Clipping for a Cause" for free this week! Of course, only donate if you aren't going to use the items for your own family! Since all personal items are going to Villa Lodge Suites in Lawrenceville throughout the month of April, I will be trying to list more of those opportunities!

Green Giant Frozen Veggies @ 10 for $10
0.50/1 Print
Makes them FREE

Scotties Tissue @ 0.99
$0.50/1 Print
When doubled, makes it FREE

Reach Floss @ 0.99 (Green Advantage Price through 4/27)
0.50/1 Print
When doubled, makes the floss FREE

UPDATE: It appears that the Scrubbing Bubbles printable for $5/1 is no longer available. Hope you were able to snag yours in time!


  1. Hi!
    I found Dawn Dishwashing liquid for $1.49. Use the .50/1 in the 4/4 PG insert and stack the .50/1 Dawn Publix Store coupon from the P&G Future Friendly booklet that came out a few weeks ago, and you have FREE Dish Soap! In the same coupon book there is a coupon for a FREE reusable grocery bag when you buy 2 P&G participating products.

    Love what you are doing with this site!

  2. Tara...
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You don't know how much I appreciate the helpful tips. There is no way of knowing myself all of the ones that are out there. If you ever come across something like this in the future, I would love it if you kept me in mind and shared the deal! Dish soap is a necessity for the residents at Villa Lodge in Lawrenceville, I will definitely be stocking up for them. :)

  3. Hey, Heather! When I go to the Scrubbing Bubbles page, the $5 coupon is off the automatic shower sprayer starter kit. I don't see one for the power sprayer. Maybe they changed it out.

  4. Looks like they have removed the Scrubbing Bubbles I have to take it off the site. I checked the link from several different sites and the offer doesn't seem to be going on any more. They may have reached the print limit. Sorry!

  5. No problem, I just wanted to make sure you knew. I did buy up a bunch of Betty Crocker boxed potatoes today at Publix. They are $1 each so if you get the .40 cents off coupon at, the coupon doubles, making them only .20 a box.

    Also, CVS has Dawn for .96 cents a bottle this week. For those of us who didn't get the Future Friendly booklet, we can use the .50 off coupon to make it .46 cents each. Not too bad

  6. Heather, I heard from Jenny over at Southern Savers that the Scrubbing Bubbles power sprayer coupon will be in the Sunday paper. So there is hope!

  7. I heard that too! I will also be updating with that info on the blog in just a few! People should grab more than one paper for sure this weekend b/c that's a great deal!