Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cooking Up Early Detection P&G Promotion

The following information was obtained from I Heart Publix regarding the current Cooking Up Early Detection/P&G Promotion:

You receive a FREE pink kitchenware set from Good Cook’s Hope line which includes a 2 quart sauce pan with lid, Classic Balloon Wisk, 3Piece Mini Nylon Tool Set and 2 piece Nylon Scrub Brush Set by mail when you purchase $25 or more of participating Procter and Gamble products in one transaction from Publix.

Forms may be found at Publix. If you can not find a form you can still send in for the cookware!

On a sheet of paper include the following:
Complete Address
Phone Number
Name Of Retailer

You will also need to include your receipt (original or copy) with the P&G products circled.

Mail to:

Cookware Offer
PO Box 49461
Strongsville, OH 44149-0461

Sales tax is not included towards $25 purchase. Qualifying purchases must be made between 9/20/10 and 10/17/10 and must be on one (1) original cash register receipt. Your completed request must be postmarked by 10/25/10 and received by 11/8/10. Limit one (1) FREE pink kitchenware set from Good Cook’s Hope line by mail per household. Questions about the rebate, call 866-315-2203

You are encouraged to make copies of all submission materials. The turnaround time for the cookware is between 16 – 20 weeks! today I went to this website and under the "comments" section of this article were some GREAT scenarios on very cheap purchases (after coupons) you can make to then submit your receipt for free cookware! It really pays to read these helpful comments. Fellow couponers have great tips and suggestions that I never would have thought of in a million years! I will share the one I did today, but make sure you click here for other ideas that you could benefit from! This is a great promotion that will end before you know it!

This is what I bought today:

6 – Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray @ $3.79 ea. = 22.74
2 – Bounty Paper towels @ $1.99 ea = 3.98

3 – BOGO Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray (P&G 09-26)
3 – .50/1 Swiffer Dust & Shine (P&G 09-26)
6 – $1/1 Any Swiffer Product Publix Q (Put Clean In Your Cart, expires 9/30)
2 – Free Bounty Paper Towels WYB 3 Participating items (Put Clean in your cart expires 9/30)
2 – .25/1 Bounty Paper towels (P&G 09-26)
$3/5 Participating P&G products Publix Coupon in 9/26 Red Plum

This transaction not only gives you $1.63 in OVERAGE (if your store allows) but you get free cookware on top of earning money to shop!

Where in the World is April Ban? Choosing New Winner Monday for the Thirty-One $50 Prize Pack

Last call for April Ban! Since the drawing of the Thirty-One giveaway on September 22nd, I've tried unsuccessfully to notify April about her win! If I don't hear from her over the weekend, there will be a new winner chosen Monday! This is a great prize pack that I would hate for her to miss out on, but we need to give it away!

Catherine's Awesome Trip To Publix Wednesday Night! (Saved $116.94, Spent $15.69)

Couldn't help but share this one with you! Catherine, a member of "Clipping for a Cause," went to Publix straight after our clipping party Wednesday night to get the items on her list.

When we meet at the church each week, we usually spend about an hour or a little more clipping coupons for items that will be free or less than a dollar. Using various websites such as I Heart Publix and Southern Savers , we are able to print weekly ads with coupon matchups for several stores in our area. We take the coupons clipped for each store and divide them among 5-8 volunteers who then purchase the items and bring those items to the next meeting. From there, we divide everything purchased from that week and it is delivered based on the individual needs of the charities we help support!

Catherine shows us how a little over $15 can purchase nearly 50 items to donate to needy families.


18 Smart Balance Milks @ $2.50
12 Fiber-One Yogurt 4-pks @ $1.25
4 Green Giant Steamers @ $1.20
12 Krusteaz Pancake Mix @ $1.15


(12) -$0.50/1 Krusteaz Pancake Mix 8/22/2010 Smart Source Insert (exp 11/30/2010

(12) -$0.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 9/12/2010 General Mills Insert (exp 11/6/2010)

(18) -$2/1 Smart Balance Milks 9/12/2010 Red Plum Insert (exp 10/27/2010)

(4) Green Giant Veggie Printables for $0.50/1

Total Spent: $15.69
Total Saved: $116.94
Total Items: 46

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Ways to Donate For Free or Pocket Change At: Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter! (Thanks Emily!)

(The following article was submitting by Emily and the "Clipping for a Cause" team in Charlotte, North Carolina)

Making a difference with pennies: Bi-Lo 9/29-10/05

For a complete shopping list check out Southern Savers. These are just a few items I’ve noticed that will be cheap or free (and are always needed at your community pantry).

Progresso Classics Soups $1.00
-.50/2 Smart Source 8/08 (expires 10/02)
=buy 2 for 1.00 (.50 each)

Southern Home Large White Eggs 88¢

Gain Dish Detergent 10.3-11 oz., $1.00
-$1 P&G 8/29 (expires 09/30) = FREE

Marcal Small Steps 100% Recycled Facial Tissue 144 ct., $1
-$1 Smart Source 8/22 (expires 10/03) = FREE

Making a difference at Harris Teeter 9/29-10/5

Thank you Jenny at Southern Savers for always posting detailed shopping lists! Be sure to check out her daily posts of ways to save big!

Kraft Shredded Cheese 8 oz., BOGO at $3.29 ($1.64)
-$5/5 printable
=.64 each

College Inn Broth, 32 oz. BOGO at $2.95 ($1.47)
-.75/1 Red Plum 9/19 = FREE

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch or Fiber Plus Cereal BOGO at $3.59 ($1.79)
-.50/1 printable = .79
-.75/1 printable = .29

General Mills Cheerios, Total, or Golden Grahams Cereal BOGO at $3.35 ($1.67)
-$1/2 Smart Source 8/22 (EXP 10/02); -$1/2 Smart Source 9/19 = 1.17
-.55/1 Cheerios cereal printable = .57
-$1 off Total printable = .67

Kraft Mac & Cheese 50¢
-.55/2 printable = FREE

Glory foods canned pinto and black beans 1.74
-.90 Q from their website = FREE

Harris Teeter through 10/12/10
Glory foods canned pinto and black beans 1.74
-.90 Q from their website = FREE

**note: this is normally priced 1.89 and the Q is good through 12/31/10. So on normal weeks it will be .09 a can, and on triples or other weeks they are on sale they will be free again. This is a PDF Q that you can print straight from their website. I would suggest printing what you want now, b/c there is no telling how long it will stay up. FYI-it also notes on the Q one Q per customer per day.

**UPDATED** I noticed tonight that the sale runs through mid October!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Send Your Expired Coupons to the Military! (Thanks for the Reminder, Lee!)

This article was found at The Krazy Coupon Lady website:

Did you know that overseas military members and their families can use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration? Families living in a far away country are often living on one income and money may be scarce. Let’s support our military by showing them some coupon love! KCL’s, we want to come together and pool our expired coupons to send to US military families in Japan!

Eligible Coupons:

•Do NOT send coupons that are over 30 days expired.
•Do NOT send store coupons.
•ALL manufacturer coupons are eligible: printable, blinkies, peelies (if that’s the way you roll), tear pads in addition to newspaper coupons–
•They must be Manufacturer Coupons.
How do I send the Coupons?

Separate your clipped coupons into two categories: Food and Non-Food
Most bases have 2 stores. One is called the “Commissary” which is a grocery store and the other is the PX or BX which is a department store. We therefore ask you to sort the coupons into “food” and “non-food” bundles so that they can more easily be placed in the correct venue once they arrive at the base.

Label the Bundles

Try to use a baggie to separate your coupons instead of paper clips or rubber bands.

What’s Food & Non-Food?

Here’s the rule of thumb: It’s food if it can be eaten by humans, is usually eaten by humans, and is normally eaten to provide calories. For example, dog & cat food would be “Non-Food,” but Ensure or Slim-Fast would be “Food.” Vitamins would be non-food. Chewing Gum and Mints are food.

Is there a minimum donation?

No! Please send any coupons you may have. We only ask that you mail them only once a month. It will just be easier business this way!


KCL Overseas Coupon Program
Carly Romano
11357 Visby Ave
Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Packages received with insufficient postage will be returned to sender.

Campbell's Soup- $0.50 Each at Kroger This Week

This is not just a great item for you to stock up on for your own family as we enter into fall and winter season, but a great item to consider donating to local food banks! They can never have enough soup to offer their clients!

Campbell’s Soup Select Varieties 10.25 to 11.5 oz, 10/$10 (Mix or Match)
$1.50/3 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups PRINT
$0.50 each after coupon

Spent $8.39, Saved $61.37 at Publix Today!

I just couldn't resist piling the kiddos in the buggy today to get some last minute deals before this week's sale ended at Publix! Today's trip doesn't quite beat the $0.65 Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers I got last week at Rite Aid, but I will take it anyway! Not only will our house be smellin' good, but we will be having an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast over here for months!

Here is what I purchased with coupon matchups:

(4) Airwick Freshmatic I-Motion Starter Kits @ $7.99 (my store didn't have them on sale for $4.99)

Used: (4) Manuf. coupons for $4/1 from 8/29 Smart Source
(4) $3/1 Publix coupons from Family Favorites Booklet

Total: $4

(4) Glad Plug-In Scented Oil Twin Packs @ $2.75

Used: (2) Buy One, Get One Free Manuf. coupons from 8/29 Smart Source
(4) $0.50/1 Publix coupons from Family Favorites Booklet

Total: $3

(7) Boxes of Krusteaz Pancake Mix @ $1.14

Used: (7) Manuf. coupons for $0.50/1 from 8/22 Smart Source (doubled to $1)

Total: $0.91!

Out Of Pocket: $8.39 + tax
Savings: $61.37

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where are You AprilBan?!

Last week, the giveaway ended for the Thirty-One $50 prize pack! I still haven't heard from the winner, AprilBan and have no contact info for you! Please either leave a comment after this post or email me directly with your info so we can get your prize sent to you! I would hate for you to miss out!!

Airwick Money Maker at Publix! (Thanks Catherine!)

My buddy Catherine called me about this one yesterday! If your store allows overage, this is one way to make $2.01 off each of the Airwick Compact I-Motion Starter Kits!!

Air Wick Compact I-Motion Starter Kit: reg 7.99 but on sale for $4.99

-$3 Publix Coupon from the Family Favorites booklet
-$4/1 Air Wick Compact I-Motion manufacturer coupon 8/29 Smart Source

=$2.01 in overage after you combine the store and manuf. coupon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best Ways to Donate For Free Or Pocket Change at: Publix (Week of 9/23)

Great week at Publix! There are several items that are great for you and your family to stock up on..or if you don't need them, consider getting a few to donate! Just this month, our local chapter of "Clipping for a Cause" has been able to donate 1,000 items to local co-ops, homeless houses, and transitional homes! The best part about it is that each of these items have either been free or just a few cents! Here are the best deals we found this week while clipping at our bi-weekly coupon clipping party last night. Let me know if you have any others!

Thanks SouthernSavers!

Emerald Trail Mix ($0.99 each)
-$1/1 Red Plum 8/15 = FREE

KC Masterpiece Marinade (Regular price ??)
Free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce WYB (1) Yellow Adv. Flyer
-$0.50/1 KC Masterpiece Marinade or BBQ Sauce Smart Source 9/26
(Use (2) mfr coupons and store coupon, should make both free or almost if your store doubles)

Smart Balance Milk 2/$5
-$2/1 9/12 Red Plum
(Makes each carton only $0.50)

Krusteaz Pancake or Waffle Mix BOGO $2.27 ($1.13 each)
-$0.50/1 Smart Source 8/22
(Makes it $0.13 each if your store doubles)

Wish Bone Salad Dressing BOGO $2.73 ($1.36 each)
-$0.50/1 Printable
-$0.75 TARGET Coupon
= $0.36 each with $0.50/1 coupons, if your store considers Target a competitor, combine both coupons to make each bottle FREE plus overage!

Green Giant Steamers BOGO $2.39 ($1.19 each)
-$0.50/1 Printable
= $0.19 each

Glass Plus BOGO $2.49 ($1.24 each)
-$1.00/1 printable
= $0.24 each

Mahatma Rice @ $0.69-$1.19 per bag
$0.50/1 8/29 Red Plum
=Anywhere from FREE (plus overage) for small bags - $0.19

Yakisoba Noodles @ $0.60
$0.50/1 8/29 Smart Source
=FREE Plus Overage!

Congratulations to AprilBan! Winner of the Thirty-One $50 Prize Pack!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for the Thirty-One $50 prize pack and participated in the online party to benefit "Clipping for a Cause!" The winner (via is AprilBan! Keep in mind, this giveaway worked a little different because you had several ways to earn entries (i.e. posting on Facebook, placing an order, or leaving a comment).

Thanks also again to my sister-in-law, Amy, for doing this!

(AprilBan..please email me with your contact info so we can send your prize!!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Diapers at Rite Aid This Week!

Click here to see the complete list of each coupon you will need to print and use for this transaction!

Thanks Crystal the Coupon Mama and IHeartSavingMoney!

You will end up paying $13.48 + tax and earn a $10 Single Check Rebate ($10 Rite Aid Gift Card) and $4 +UP Reward (that you can use on your next purchase-I use these on my Sunday papers)!! That means after coupons, the rebate and +UP Reward you pay nothing (you make 52¢)!!

Milk for only $0.50 Starting Thursday at Publix! (Wednesday for Some!)

I know for some it's hard to get out of your comfort zone and try something different! But, this milk really tastes the same as regular milk, especially on cereal! Besides, if you can snag it for $0.50 a carton, who cares what kind it is!?

Smart Balance Milk half gallon, 2/$5
-$2/1 Smart Balance Milks 9/12/2010 RP Insert (exp 10/27/2010)
You pay 50¢ with the $2/1 coupon!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Few Days To Enter the Thirty-One $50 Prize Pack Giveaway! (Ends September 22nd)

Don't forget, one lucky reader will win a Thirty-One Gifts prize pack valued at $50 on September 22nd! Click here to enter! Please keep in mind, there is no purchase necessary to enter! Simply leave a comment with your favorite Thirty-One item and you will be entered to win! While this is also an online party to benefit "Clipping for a Cause," you will receive one entry just for leaving the comment! Good luck!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Few Ways to Donate for Free or Pocket Change: Wal-Mart (starting 9/16)

Here are just a few ways to donate to your local food bank or stock up on some items you need for your own household if you are a Wal-Mart shopper!

I am not sure about you, but it seems like the biggest hassle to use coupons at any Wal-Mart. I've heard it from several others too, in fact, a new chapter of "Clipping for a Cause" in Mississippi was basically accused of trying to steal items b/c of using a coupon-CORRECTLY! In my opinion, there seems to be an overall lack of training with Wal-Mart employees and coupon usage. I would shop there more if they made it easier and more enjoyable. Sorry to vent! Here's the list:

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $.88
$.40/1 9/12 Smart Source
Final Price= $.48

Hormel Chili 15 oz Cans $.96
$.50/2 9/12 Smart Source
Final Price= $.71 each wyb 2

Bumble Bee Light Tuna Pouch 2.5 oz $.86
$1/2 9/12 SS
Final Price= $.36 each wyb 2

Imodium 6 Caplets $2.97
$4/2 6/6 Red Plum
$2/1 8/15 Red Plum
$2/1 9/12 Red Plum
Final Price= $.97

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Ways to Donate for Free or Pocket Change At: Publix (starting 9/16)

Thanks IHeartPublix for the matchups! If you are a Publix shopper, this is definitely a website you will want to visit before you make your weekly shopping list!

Ronzoni Pasta, Selected Varieties, 12 or 16 oz box (Excluding Lasagna, Manicotti, and Jumbo Shells) BOGO $1.29
-$.55/1 Ronzoni here (zip 90210)
Makes each box only 10¢!

Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice, Assorted Varieties, 8-pk, 6.75-oz box, BOGO $2.99
-$1/2 Nestle Juicy Juice Products here
-$1/2 Nestle Juicy Juice Product 8/1/2010 RP Insert (exp 10/31/2010)
Makes each bottle $1

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup, Assorted Varieties, 18.6 to 18.8 oz can or 15.3 oz bowl, BOGO $2.39
-$0.50/3 Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup 9/12/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/15/2010)
-$0.50/3 Campbell’s Select Harvest 8/15/2010 SS Insert (exp 9/26/2010)
-$1/1 Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup Healthy Request here (exp 12/31/2020)
20¢ when you use the $1/1 coupon, or $2.59 for 3 cans using the $0.50/3

Quaker Oats Oatmeal, Old Fashioned or Quick-1 Minute, 18-oz pkg, BOGO $2.55
-$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal 9/12/2010 RP Insert (exp 12/31/2010)
-$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal ,Quick or Old Fashioned Oats 18oz+ – 08-29-10 RP ( exp 10/31/2010)
Makes Each Only 27¢!

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, Assorted Varieties, 6 Months and Up, oz jar, BOGO 89¢
-$1/7 Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food here
Only $0.30 a jar!

All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent, Assorted Varieties, 3X Concentrated, 32-oz bot, or Ultra 2X Concentrated, 50-oz bot, BOGO $5.99
-$1/1 All Laundry Detergent 8/1/2010 RP Insert (exp 9/19/2010)
-$1/1 All Laundry Detergent TARGET coupon (exp 9/30/2010)
Only $1 per bottle with Target coupon & manufacturer’s coupon

And Don't Forget About...

Yakisoba Noodles at $0.60-$0.79 each
$0.50/1 8/29/2010 SS
Free Plus Overage!

Mahatma Rice @ $0.69-$1.19 a bag
$0.50/1 8/29/2010 RP
Makes each bag Free (and the cheaper bags free plus overage!)

$2.82 For Nearly 40 Items!

Here is a picture of some of the best deals we have clipped and shopped for recently at "Clipping for a Cause." We are close to hitting the 6,000 mark for items that have been donated to local charities! While saving over $3,000, very little has come out of pocket: $250!

I also want to remind you all that when you see a ton of the same item in a picture, no worries! There are several shoppers within the ministry and we all split up, shop at different stores and divide coupons out among us. We always want to be mindful of shoppers coming in behind us and would never clear the shelves of one store for one item!

Here is the coupon breakdown of what is pictured above:

(12) Spaghetti-O's at $0.50 each
USED: (4) $0.40/3 8/29/2010 Smart Source Coupons
TOTAL: $4.20

(6) Yakisoba Noodles @ $0.60 each
USED: (6) $0.50/1 8/29/2010 Smart Source Coupons
TOTAL: -$2.40 (Each coupon doubled to $1 off, giving us $0.40 for each package!)

(10) Newman's Own Pasta Sauce @ $1.35
USED: (10) $0.50/1 8/15/2010 Red Plum Coupons
TOTAL: $3.50

(8) Mahatma Rice @ 0.69 ea (Small skinny bag)
USED: (8) $0.50/1 8/29/2010 Red Plum Coupons
TOTAL: -$2.48

GRAND TOTAL: $2.82 for nearly 40 items!

"Coupon Clipping Craze May Be Slowing" Article on MSNBC.Com Today

Thought I would share this article with all of you. I found it interesting, considering I would have thought the exact opposite! It seems like there is always a line of us at the checkout with our stacks of coupons, pumped about all of our wonderful deals and savings! Let me know what you think about it!

By Allison Linn, senior business writer

Call us recessionistas, frugalistas or just plain cheap: The weak economy has forced American shoppers to look hard for good deals.

But perhaps we are tiring of all the effort that goes into penny-pinching. Coupon use, which surged in 2009, appears to have flattened out, according to the coupon processing company Inmar.

Inmar tracks the use of traditional coupons clipped out of newspaper inserts or printed off the Internet and redeemed for consumer goods such as diapers and milk. The figures do not include hotel or restaurant coupons or discount vouchers of the type popularized by Groupon.

Use of coupons grew just 1 percent in the second quarter of this year, compared with a whopping 33 percent increase in the same quarter of 2009, according to the latest Inmar figures provided to Life Inc.

Coupon clipping faded during the early 2000s but enjoyed a huge resurgence in 2009. Americans redeemed 3.3 billion coupons for consumer goods that year, a 27 percent increase over the 2.6 billion redeemed in 2008.

That may partly have been because there were more coupons available. Inmar says 367 billion coupons were distributed in 2009, the most in at least 20 years.

This year, companies aren’t as coupon-happy, with the number of coupons available down 6 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier.

When it comes to coupon use, consumers seem more interested in deals on bread and cheese rather than paper goods or sandwich bags. Coupon usage for food items grew 11 percent in the second quarter, while non-food items fell by 17 percent.

Thanks to MediaPost, which first reported the story.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rite Aid $5 Off $25 Printable Today Only:

If you shop at Rite Aid or your store considers Rite Aid a competitor, make sure you visit the Red Plum website today to print your coupon for $5/$25 purchase! I recently discovered (better late than never) at my favorite local Publix, that they will allow you to use two of these if your total is $50 or more. I realize that not every store is the same, but it's definitely worth asking as you could potentially receive $10 off of a $50 purchase! Click here to print your coupon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010 it Out!

This is a neat website for those of you who love giveaways as much as I do! It's well organized and all in one place! Or, if you have a blog of your own, it's a great resource to consider when doing your giveaways!

The following information came from

"All blog giveaways, contests and sweepstakes in one place brings you the latest giveaway promotions with products ranging from coupons and samples to high value jewelry and electronics. Giveaways have become extremely popular in recent years and thousands of blogs offer them on a regular basis. Giveaway Scout scans a large number of giveaway blogs and updates every hour with the latest offers.

Since giveaway contests usually expire quite quickly, we offer an automated update service that informs you by email when a new giveaway in your chosen category is discovered.

We hope you enjoy - All blog giveaways, contests and sweepstakes in one place and would love to hear your suggestions and comments through our contact form or Facebook fan page."

Enter to Win the 31 $50 Prize Pack

Click here to enter for your chance to win the 31 prize pack valued at $50! Please keep in mind that while this is a party to benefit "Clipping for a Cause," you do not have to purchase anything to enter the drawing! Good luck!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Ways to Donate for Free or Pocket Change at: Harris Teeter 9/8-9/14

Thanks so much to Emily R. for compiling this list of Harris Teeter deals. Looks like a pretty slow week, but you can't beat the deal on Campbell's Soup at $0.25 a can! There are also several deals that do not require coupons. For a full list of items you may be interested in for your own grocery list, check out Southern Savers. Happy Clipping!

Harris Teeter Cereals, .97, e-vic item limit 2 (no coupon needed)

Deer Park Water, 6 pack $1
-$1 Red Plum 8/29 = FREE

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups $1.25
-$1 printable = .25

Harris Teeter corn, peas, green beans B2G3 at .89
get 5, pay for 2 = five for .35 each

Harris Teeter Yogurt = 25¢

Wisk, 50 oz., $4.99
-$3 Red Plum 8/29 = 1.99

Best Ways to Donate for Free or Pocket Change at: Target 9/5-9/11

There are a ton of great deals this week at Target! I am especially loving the soup and Spaghetti-o's deals, as food banks can never have enough of it! Thanks to Elizabeth W. who leads the Danville, VA chapter of "Clipping for a Cause" for this list!

SS= Smart Source
RP = Red Plum
x = expires

Kool Aid fun Fizz, 8 ct $1.97
-$1/1 Kool-Aid Fun Fizz Product, Any 8/29 SS x9/30
= .97 cents each after coupon

Campbell’s Soup at Hand, Select Varieties $1.20 Until 9/25
-.50/1; .50/3 Campbell’s Soup at Hand 8/29 SS x10/10
=as low as .20 cents each depending on your coupon

Campbell’s Spaghetti O’s, Original 15 oz $.50 until 9/25
-.40/3 Campbell’s Spaghetti Os Pasta 8/29 SS x10/31
= as low as .35 each wyb 3

Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers $1.69

Wish-Bone 16 oz Dressing $1.89
-.75/1; $1.50/2; $1.25/2 Wishbone Dressings 8/1 RP

PopTarts 8 ct Box Asst. Flavors $1.88 until 9/11
-$1/2 Kelloggs Snack Items (Pop-Tarts or Nutri-Grain Bars 8ct.) TQ 8/1 RP x9/11
-$1/2 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, Any Flavor 8 Ct. Or Larger, Mix Or Match, Any 7/11 RP x9/9
Target coupon found at here as well
You can use target coupon + manufacturer coupon/

Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls Asst. Varieties 6 oz. $2 .54
-$1/1 Ritz Crackerfuls Filled Crackers, any 6 oz variety 6/6 SS x9/6
= $1.54

Dannon Danimals Crush Cups $2.04
-$1/1 Danimals Product 8/15 ss X9/15

Mentos Gum $1.29
$1/2 Mentos gum bottles 7/18 ss X9/30
=.74-.79 cents each

Dannon Activia 4-Pack $1.97
-$1/1 Dannon DanActive, any 4-pack or 8-pack 8/8 SS x9/30

Right Guard Sport Fresh Scent .5 oz Travel Size .97
-$1.50/2 Dry Idea or Right Guard Items 8/15 RP x10/31
= .22

Degree Travel Size Pure Satin or Shower Clean Deoderant .97

Degree Men’s Deodorant Asst Travel Sizes .97

-.75/1 Degree Men or Women Deodorant or Body Mist 8/29 RP x9/26

Listerine PocketPaks $1.49
-.50/1 Listerine PocketPaks 24ct + 3/7 RP x12/31
-.50/1; $1/1 Listerine Pocketpaks, 24 Ct. 1/3 RP x1/11
=.49 – .99

Halls Cough Drops 30 ct Honey Lemon $1.19
-$2/3 Asst. Products (Halls Included) 8/8 SS x10/31
=1.57 for 3

LA Looks 20 oz Sport Gel $1.92 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 LA Looks product 20 or 26 oz 8/1 RP x11/1
= .92

Kandoo 42 Count Flushable Wipes $1.65
-$1/1 ANY Kandoo 4/4 P&G x12/31

Dial Bar Soap 2-pk $1 (In Travel Section)
-.35/1 Dial Bar Soap or Liquid Hand Soap 8/15 RP x10/1
= .65

Sure Deodorant Men’s & Women’s Asst. Varieties $1.97
-$1/1 Sure deodorant product, any 8/8 SS x9/30
= .97

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cornstarch with Aloe & Vitain E 9 oz $1.97–$2.19
-$1/1 Johnson’s Baby Powder ETS 8/15 RP x9/12

Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion 9 oz $1.97–$2.19
-$1/1 Johnson’s Baby Lotion ETS 8/15 RP x9/12

Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash 9 oz. $1.97–$2.19
-$1/1 Johnson’s Baby Lotion ETS 8/15 RP x9/12


Shout 4-Pack Travel Size Wipes .97
-$2/2 Shout Laundry Products 8/8 SS x9/25
-.55/1 Shout Laundry Product 8/8 SS x9/25
= FREE to .42 cents depending on your coupon

Tide 2x Ultra Travel Size .97
-$1/1 Tide Detergent 8/29p&g x9/30

Reach Floss .97
-1/1 any 1 Reach dental floss or access flosser 1/3RP x12/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best Ways to Donate for Free Or Pocket Change at: Publix starting 9/9 (9/8 in Some Areas)

As always at Publix, when you combine the BOGO sale with coupons, there are some GREAT ways to donate for free or pocket change this week! Remember to use two coupons if you are purchasing two items that are buy one, get one. Thanks IHeartPublix for the matchups! Also, don't forget to take along any extra Mahatma Rice ($0.50/1) and Yakisoba ($0.50/1) coupons with you to pick up some more free items! Last week, the Yakisoba Noodles at my store rang up for only $0.60 and since my store doubles, that gave me $0.40 overage on each package!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, Assorted Variety, 17.5 oz pouch, BOGO $2.67
-$0.40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix here (exp 10/2/2010)
If your store doubles, you pay 54¢ per pouch!

Barilla Pasta Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 24 oz jar, BOGO $2.69
-$0.75/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce, any – 08/29/2010 Smart Source (expires 10/24/2010)
Makes each jar 60¢

Old El Paso Dinner Kit, Assorted Varieties, 8.4 to 19.2 oz box, BOGO $2.95
-$0.50/1 Old El Paso Product, Any Excluds Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen or Soup Product here
-$0.50/1 Old El Paso Dinner Kit, any – 08/22/2010 SS (expires 10/16/2010)
Only 48¢ per package if your store doubles!

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries or Scrambles, Assorted Varieties, 6 ct, 10 or 11.5 oz box, BOGO $2.19
-$0.50/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries here (exp 10/2/2010)
-$0.50/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 8/8/2010 GM Insert (exp 10/30/2010)
-$0.75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 8/8/2010 GM Insert
If your store doubles, use the $.50/2 to pay 60¢ per box!

Beech Nut Stage 2 Baby food 4 oz jar, BOGO 55¢
-$2/12 Beech-Nut Jars, any – 08/1/2010 SS (expires 12/31/2010)
Only 11¢ per jar!

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz, 2/$3
-$5/5 Kraft Cheese or Dairy Products here
Only 50¢ per package!!

Most Needed Items Currently at Family Promise of Gwinnett

As most of you know, "Clipping for a Cause" tries to help as many local organizations as possible. However, with the unbelievable increase in people seeking assistance at food banks, we have donated nearly 100% of our purchases to them. This month, if you are part of the Atlanta chapter, please be mindful of the following list of items that "Family Promise of Gwinnett" is currently in need of. "Family Promise of Gwinnett" is an interfaith organization for families in transition. They are one of over 139 networks in 39 states. There are over 4500 congregations and 110,00 volunteers included.

Current Wish List:

Laundry detergent
Dryer sheets
Dish liquid soap
Cleaning products

Thursday, September 2, 2010

31 Gift Pack Giveaway Valued at $50/Online Catalog Party to Benefit "Clipping for a Cause!"

This great idea came from my sister-in-law, Amy!! Thank you for doing this!!

Love free stuff and contributing to "Clipping For a Cause?" I'm going to help you do both this month! I am having a Thirty-One Party online. All of the proceeds from the online party sales will go directly to "Clipping For a Cause!" I am also giving away a Thirty-One Gift Pack valued at over $50 in Thirty-One products! Here is how to be entered in this great giveaway!

First, view the Thirty-One catalog on Amy Bonner's website: here
Leave a comment on the blog as to which Thirty-One Fall product is your favorite and why. This will enter your name 1 time into our drawing.

Post Amy's website link and promote the Clipping for a Cause Online Party on your own blog, Facebook or social networking site. Don't forget to mention that the party sales will be given to "Clipping For a Cause." You get the Thirty-One products that you love and need, and "Clipping For a Cause" will get a great donation!
This will enter your name 2 times into our drawing. (Be sure to leave a separate comment from the one above telling which social networking site you posted this on!)

Place an order on our Thirty-One Online Party. This can be done by visiting Amy's website here. When you place an order, select: "Clipping for a Cause Party Shop Now"
For being a customer at our online party your name will be entered 5 times into our drawing!

No minimum purchase required. Party will close on Sept 22nd. Orders will not be sent to warehouse for processing and shipping until this date. If you love the Demi Purse it is only half-price this month when you spend $31!
Happy Shopping and get to posting.... this is one giveaway and party you don't want to miss!

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct-sell, faith-based company. The company's name is derived from Proverbs 31 - About the virtuous woman who is a hardworker, generous and worthy of rewards and praise. This company has various products for all ages, most of which can be monogrammed.

An $0.86 Donation Today! (Saved $48.46!)

(7) French's Mustard @ BOGO $1.87
USED: (7) $0.30/1 coupons from 6/20/2010 Smart Source

(12) Yakisoba Noodles @ $0.60 each
USED: (12) $0.50/1 coupons from 8/29/2010 Smart Source

(6) Mahatma Rice @ $1.19
USED: (6) $0.50/1 coupons from 8/29/2010 Red Plum

(8) Yo-Plus Yogurts @ BOGO $2.50
USED: (8) $0.50/1 from 8/22/2010 Smart Source

= only $0.86 with a savings of over $48!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Upcoming Mueller's Pasta Deal at Publix: Thanks Traci R!

Starting tomorrow at Publix, there will be a great deal on Mueller's Pasta!It will be BOGO at $1.29 a box. If you go to here, and sign up with Mueller's, you can get a coupon for $2 off five boxes. That makes it about .24 a box!

Best Ways to Donate for Free or Pocket Change This Week at Target and Food Lion!

Thanks Elizabeth W! There is a great list of items this week at both of these stores!

RP= Red Plum
SS= Smart Source
x = expire date

Target deals from 8/29-9/4

Campbell’s Soup at Hand, Select Varieties $1.20 (Price Cut Until 9/25)
-.50/1; .50/3 Campbell’s Soup at Hand 8-29-10 SS x10/10
=as low as .70 cents each depending on your coupon

Campbell's Spaghetti O's,original 15oz. .50 (price cut until 9/25)
.50/2 coupon here
= .25 ea. when you buy 2

Chi Chi's White flour tortillas 10 ct. 9oz package .99 (regular price)
1.00/2 coupon here
= .49 ea. when you buy 2

Tony's Crisp Pizza 5/$5 (1.00 each)
$1/2 coupon here
= .50 ea when you buy 2

Maruchan Yakisoba .99 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba 8-29-10 SS x10/31
= .49 cents each after coupon

Food Lion Deals beginning 9/1-9/7

Ken's Dressing BOGO (Reg. $2.99)
$1 on 1 or $1 on 2 from 8/15 SS
= .49 or .99 depending on coupon

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO (reg. $2.79)
$.50/2 8/8 SS
= 1.15 per box

Suddenly Salad $1
$.50/2 8/8 SS
= $.75 per box

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $2
$.75/2 8/8 SS
= $1.62 per box

Hamburger Helper $1
$.75/3 8/8RP
= .75 per box