Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Next Mobile Food Drive: Thursday, April 29th!

Mark it on your calendar! "Clipping for a Cause" will be doing another mobile food drive on April 29th! If you are new to the concept of a mobile food drive, here is how it works. Friends, family members and neighbors (in my area) are asked to place one bag of non-perishables outside of their doors on a designated day to be picked up and delivered for them. If you happen to be looking at the blog and go back to February and March, you can see that over 1,000 items have been collected during the Mobile Food Drives alone! They are quite a success and an easy way for others to give!

During April, all donations received through "Clipping for a Cause" will benefit three different organizations. Again, we like to rotate between different organizations to ensure we are helping many different groups in need. So, for this month it will be: the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op (food), The Quinn House of Lawrenceville (frozen and cold items), and Villa Lodge and Suites of Lawrenceville (personal care items).

Meet the Need 5K Race to Benefit the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op!

Throughout the month of April, "Clipping for a Cause" will be clipping and shopping for food items to donate to the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op located in Grayson, GA. As most of you know, we like to "rotate" between different organizations to ensure that we are reaching out to a lot of different people in need.

So..I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you another way you could get involved with helping the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op. On April 17th, there will be a
5K race to benefit this wonderful organization. The minimum you have to raise is $25, but each participant is strongly encouraged to ask for more in sponsorships from friends or family members. Every single dollar after $12 (cost of the race) will go directly towards "meeting the needs" of their clients. For more information, please visit:

Monday, March 29, 2010

2nd Mobile Food Drive: Another Overwhelming Success!

As you can see from the photos, Friday's Mobile Food Drive was unbelievable! Friends, family members, and neighbors got in on the excitement and altogether, we were able to donate 710 items in one day! There were about 300 more items collected compared to February's drive, which proves that word is spreading about "Clipping for a Cause!" Thanks to everyone who made it possible...especially my cousins Kristy and Dylan. They are determined to help by counting, sorting, and delivering each time we have a mobile drive. I don't know what I would do without them! This month's donations were divided between 3 different organizations: the Lawrenceville Co-op, Family Promise of Gwinnett, and the Quinn House. I haven't written much about the Quinn House so I thought I would add a little blurb about their purpose. They have served Gwinnett for 25 years and I really think it would be worthwhile for you to read about what they do! I will be posting information on the next Mobile Drive for April soon! Please let me know if you are interested in donating!

The Quinn House:
Located in downtown Lawrenceville, GA for the past 25 years, The Quinn House was founded by John and Carrol Quinn because they recognized a great need in Gwinnett County for assisting individuals and families on all levels. They began by bringing homeless families into their own home and as their outreach grew, so did The Quinn House. Over those 25 years, The Quinn House is now a multi-task, non-profit Outreach Operation that assists hundreds of people in Gwinnett County and in other areas of the State.
Our Residential Program not only provides housing for the homeless, but also offers a 40-day Drug and Alcohol Program to help individuals get back on their feet and re-enter society in a stable and productive way. This Program is free and offers our residents an opportunity to develop a new way of thinking and developing self-esteem, along with decision-making that can lead them to steady employment and independent living again. We have approximately an 80% success rate with our residents for completion of the 40-day Program. At this time there are three homes available for housing of men and women, in addition to women with children in Gwinnett County. While we do not provide housing at our location in South Central Georgia (Washington County), at this time we do provide food, clothing, and furniture to those in need from our thrift store located there.

The Quinn House is a licensed Food Bank in Georgia that operates out of our downtown Lawrenceville location. From this location we are able to assist individuals and families with food boxes. And we also have a long standing Senior Food Box Program that helps assist our local Senior citizens once a month with food to supplement their limited incomes. We are partners with sponsors such as Kroger, Publix, Kraft Foods, and Pepperidge Farms who enable us to feed not just the people in our county but also with other smaller pantries that serve families in North and South Central Georgia. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays we are also supplying boxes for Family Holiday meals. As are all of our services, these food boxes are distributed free of charge.

The Quinn House operates thrift stores that help people in need with donated clothes, furniture, appliances and household items. Our dedicated drivers spend many hours traveling around Gwinnett County to pick up donated items for these stores. Based upon their situation and need, donated items are furnished to these families and individuals. Also, residents who have completed our Program mentioned above are furnished with needed items to establish their new homes when they leave. Profits generated through these thrift stores are used to support our day to day operations (rent, utilities, gasoline, etc.).

As part of our on-going outreach during the year, The Quinn House enjoys special opportunities to assist families in addition to children. In springtime, we distribute Easter Baskets to children in need, along with a special group of seniors in our area who are excited to wake up Easter Morning also and find a special basket on their doorstep. Prior to the start of the new School Year, we also provide new school book bags to children who have registered with our School Book Bag Program. Filled with donated school supplies, these book bags get the children off to a positive start for the new School Year. In addition, our Annual Children's Christmas Gift Program is still a big hit here. For many years, we have been able to provide Christmas gifts to over 300 children of needy families on Christmas morning. With the population growth of Gwinnett County, this Program continues to grow every year. These special Holiday Programs are possible because of the generous people in Gwinnett County who call to donate items for these Programs

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Clipping for a Cause" Donation: 71 Items Purchased for 25 Cents!!!!

Last night, the "Clipping for a Cause" ministry met at FUMC. My very good friends Kellie and Jason lead the class every 4th Wednesday. How exciting it was to see the volunteers come in, eager to clip away! Not only that, but the amount of coupon inserts donated by fellow congregation members was unreal! Already, the binders we have to organize each week's coupons are filling up fast. I felt like I had gotten a good workout after picking them up and putting them back in the cabinet! Combined with the overwhelming response to help, the donated coupons, and especially today's shopping experience, there is no doubt that God has great things planned for this ministry to others.

I had two separate transactions as I wasn't aware that ALL Birdseye Frozen Veggies were on sale including Steamfresh. So here is everything included in the two trips:

(17) Bags of Birdseye Frozen Veggies @ 90 cents
USED: (17) 0.50/1 Coupons from 3/21 Smart Source
TOTAL: Free plus overage

(4) Nyquil 2-packs @ $1.29
USED: (4) $1.50/1 Vick's Product Coupon from 3/7/10 P&G
TOTAL: Free plus overage

(2) Puff's Tissue @ $1.99
USED: (2) "Free Puffs When You Buy 2 Vick's" 2/7/10 P&G

(4) Yakisoba Noodles @ 0.79
USED: (2) $1/2 Coupons from 3/14/10 Smart Source
TOTAL: $1.16

(4) J&J Buddy Bar @ $1.09
USED: (4) $1/1 Johnson and Johnson Baby Product Coupon
TOTAL: 0.36 cents

(12) Boxes of Chocolate Cheerios @ $2
USED: (12) 0.50/1 Coupons from 2/21 Smart Source
(12) $1/1 Publix Coupon from 3/7 Smart Source

(2) Lysol 4 in 1 Cleaner @ $1.35
USED: (2) 0.50/1 Coupon from 3/14 Smart Source
TOTAL: 0.70

(4) Schick Razors @ 0.99
USED: (4) $3/1 Coupons from 3/21 Smart Source
TOTAL: Free Plus Overage

(2) Sure Deodorant @ $2.39
USED: (2) $1/1 Coupons from 2/28 Smart Source
(2) $1/1 Publix Coupon in Green Flyer
TOTAL: 0.80 cents

(4) Small bags of Doritos @ 0.33
TOTAL: $1.32

That trip totaled NEGATIVE 51 Cents!!!!!!!

Next Trip:

(15) Bags of Steamfresh Veggies
USED: (15) 0.50/1 Coupons from 3/21 Smart Source
(7) $1/2 Publix Coupons in Yellow Flyer
TOTAL: Free Plus about $7 in Overage!

(1) Quilted Northern 12-pk TP @ $6.49

(1) Kraft Velveeta Shells @ $1

(3) Boxes of Chocolate Cheerios @ $2
USED: (3) 2/21 SS Coupons
(3) 3/7 SS Publix Coupons
TOTAL: Free!

This trip totaled 77 Cents!

Combined with the first trip that equals a big ole whopping QUARTER while saving $163.20!

2 Great Ways to Donate to the Co-op for FREE this Week at Publix!

I wanted to share two great ways to donate to the co-op for free this week at Publix! If you don't have a filing system yet for your coupons, this is encouragement to do so. You will see that if you save just your coupon inserts instead of clipping everything out of them right away and just hold on to them until things go on sale later, it will save a TON of time!

Here are the two freebies!

Chocolate Cheerios-$2 each
Use: (1) 0.50/1 Coupon from 2/21 Smart Source
(1) $1/1 Publix Coupon from 3/7 Smart Source
Combine the two and the cereal is free!

Birds Eye Vegetables..including Steamfresh Varieties: ALL 50% off (This makes some bags 90 cents!)
Use: (1) 0.50/1 "Birds Eye Vegetables" from 3/21 Smart Source
(1) 0.50/1 "Birds Eye Steamfresh" from 3/21 Smart Source
(1) Publix Coupon from the Yellow Advantage flyer for $1 off 2 Steamfresh
Note: You can actually get overage if you have 2 coupons for the 0.50/1 Steamfresh combined with 1 Publix Coupon for $1 off 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Libby's Awesome Donation!

Michelle at "I Heart Publix" was so sweet to think of me today when she received this press release from her contact over at Libby's. After reading this article, I wanted to share it with all of my "Clipping for a Cause" readers. What an inspiration to continue doing what we are doing for others! It may not be 5 million pounds that we've donated (yet!)...but as we approach 1,000 items in 6-7 weeks, it's such a blessing to know that next week, next month, and next year, that number will only grow and make that much more difference!!!!

Libby’s Donates Five Million Pounds of Canned Food to Feeding America

We’re proud to announce that Seneca Foods Corporation, manufacturer of Libby’s canned fruits and vegetables, is donating five million pounds of canned food to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization! This is the largest one-time donation of canned fruits and vegetables combined in Feeding America’s history.

This comes at a time when more Americans go hungry than ever before. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported in November 2009 that one in six Americans, and nearly one in four children, across the nation are struggling with hunger. This is the highest rate reported since the government agency began surveying 15 years ago.

The first food banks to receive donations throughout March are:

•Foodlink, Inc. in Rochester, NY
•Channel One, Inc. Food Bank and Food Shelf in Rochester, MN
•The Idaho Foodbank in Boise, ID
•Second Harvest Heartland in Maplewood, MN
•Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties in Manteca, CA
•Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI
•Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin in Madison, WI

Additional donations will be distributed among Feeding America’s food bank network this spring. Check back for additional information and to see if a donation is being made to a food bank near you!

To read more about this effort visit

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Said Nothing in Life is Free??

Now if this picture isn't inspiration to start clipping coups, I don't know what would be! All of these items were completely FREE! Now, when I hear the word free, something just comes over me. My friends and family members laugh because you don't even have to say another thing in a sentence, but if you just say, "Hey Heather, would you want this free..." YES! Don't bother finishing..because the answer is YES no matter what it is!!! So..wouldn't it be awesome if just through couponing you could get all of this for your own family, AND others in need, all without spending a dime? It's the greatest feeling in the world! Sometimes it is hard to make out everything in a picture so here is the breakdown:

(10) Packs of Buddig deli meat
(18) Snickers bars
(10) Boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice
(12) EAS Protein Bars
(5) Yoplait Greek Yogurts
(8) Packs of Kraft Cheese
(20) Cover Girl Cosmetics!!!!!!!!!! (That's the best one as some of these retailed at $9.50)

2 More Reasons Why I Am a Loyal Publix Shopper!

I couldn't help but share 2 separate shopping experiences I have had at Publix over the past week. Hands down, they have truly figured out the combination of what all it takes to have loyal customers that keep coming back and wouldn't dream of doing their grocery shopping anywhere else. Excellent customer service, friendly employees, wonderful sales, and an extremely clean atmosphere is what they pride themselves on. I don't know about you, but I have a completely different feeling when I walk into their store compared to any other..and that's why I am so passionate about it!

1) Within the past week, I visisted my local Publix at Auburn Road in Dacula. Sharon was my cashier..and I will never forget her now! I walked up to the lane to begin unloading my extremely full shopping cart. When she started scanning, I proudly announced that I had about 100 coupons in my hand. Now, fellow couponers out there know that you are going to get one of two reactions when you announce this. You will either get the infamous "rolling of the eyes, heavy sigh reaction," or the "high-five, can't believe you spent all of that time clipping all those coupons" reaction. After all that hard pray for the second one! Anyway, I admitted to Sharon that lately I had been doing some "Publix Hopping." Fearing that I was THAT customer that everyone hated to see, I thought that if I just visited ones around the area and hopped from one to another, each particular store wouldn't see me as often! Sharon stopped what she was doing in mid scan. She looked me right in the face and said, "do not ever feel like that. I could care less even if you had more coupons than these. Coupons make us money and save you money! While we are all about our sister Publix stores, what we really want is customers returning right back here to our store." It made me so happy to hear those words coming out of her mouth. With mixed reactions about the whole "extreme couponing" concept at the stores, this is exactly what I needed to hear right then. Not only that, but as Sharon got ready to give me my final total, she began printing the receipt and as it came shooting out, she continuously folded it over multiple times to stop it from hitting the ground. "Folks, she saved $175!" she announced the the growing crowd behind me in line. And with that, everyone gave a round of applause, I took a bow, and headed to my car with a huge smile on my face! Thank you Sharon and Publix at Auburn Road!

2) Now, my second story comes after shopping with my "Clipping for a Cause" items with coupons donated by congregation members at First United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville. I had already led a "clipping party" for an hour and a half and now went into the store at Lawrenceville Suwanee Road to do the shopping with the clipped coupons. Because it was a Wednesday, Publix was out of several items on the BOGO sale as the ad was changing the very next day. I found a manager by the name of Anthony to see if he could help me out. Two items, the Frusion smoothie drinks and Land O' Lakes butter were completely out of stock in the front. He searched for over 5 minutes in the back until he found both items and as many as I needed to correlate with the number of coupons I had. He was so helpful and so willing..he even listened to my story about "Clipping for a Cause" and starting the ministry recently at the church. Anyway, I went on my merry way to the next item I needed, only to find..there was not one in stock again--YoPlus Yogurt. "Easy fix," Anthony said. "I will gladly honor the buy one, get one price, for a similar item." So..I grabbed 4 Fiber One Yogurt 4 packs instead and he allowed me to use the YoPlus coupon on these. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he hunted me down in the store to share 3 extra coupons he had come up with on his own to give to me for items in my cart to make the total even cheaper! WHO DOES THAT?!?! When I got home, still in disbelief, I went over my receipt one last time. Whoops--I had completely forgotten to tell the cashier that Anthony was going to honor my Fiber One at the BOGO price, so I was charged the full amount. I spoke to Anthony on the phone (who was still so happy to talk to me and help even though I felt like a pest customer) and he told me to come in Friday for my refund. I did with no problem. Thank you so much Anthony and Publix at Lawrenceville Suwanee for your extreme quality of customer service.

To me, Publix does whatever it takes to ensure that once you shop at their store, you will only want to go back to them. For me, this is so true! Even family members who have never stepped foot in a Publix before and "have only shopped at Kroger their whole lives" have heard tales like the ones above have finally given in and made the switch!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Great Ways to Donate for FREE This Week at Publix!

Yoplait Greek Yogurt $1.19
"Try Me Free" Publix Coupon
You can print this one here as many times as your heart desires!

Carl Buddig Meats $2
$1 "Healthy Meals Healthy Kids" Publix Coupon
$1 2/07/10 Smart Source or printable (use zip 32606-thanks Southern Savers!)

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice $0.99
$1 off Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice, Red Plum 2/21

Hey yall! I nearly did a cartwheel when I saw this week's Publix ad! There are lots of great deals and better yet, several items to pick up for free that can be donated to the co-op! Here are the best ones I found..please share if you have some other ideas!

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview

Jenny at Southern Savers has this Sunday's coupon insert preview up on her website. Check it out when you have a chance! Looks like a great weekend for coups!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Been a Great Shopping Week so Far! (Saved $256.38, Spent $26.35)

I had to laugh when I saw the above picture. How appropriate and even better, it's named, "Crazy Shopper!" They may as well photoshop my face onto it instead of hers! Anyway, there have been some great deals out there this week and even better, LOTS of options for donating items for nearly nothing out of pocket!

Also, it was such a blessing to walk into church today for the coupon clipping party and see the huge stack of donated coupons by congregation members! Let's just say the scissors were smokin'!!! (Clipping parties are every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 10:30am and every 4th Wednesday at 6pm at First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville)
Here is how the week has been so far (sorry I don't have a picture available of all of the deals, but I've made multiple trips so that's why!)

Publix: Trip One

(2) Yakisoba Noodles-donating
(10) Yoplait Greek Yogurts-FREE and donating
(1) Brawny Paper Towels
(3) Yoplait Yo-Plus 4pks (a quarter and donating)
(1) Crisco
(4) Puff's Tissue-(Free and donating)
(1) Zest soap
(5) JF Shampoo-(20 cents a piece and donating)
(3) First Aid Travel Kits-donating
(1) Children's Tylenol
(8) Dayquils-(Free and donating)
(1) McKormick Pumpkin Pie Spice
(6) Sundown Vitamins-(Free and donating)
(1) Shoe Polish for hubby
(2) Brown Sugar
(1) Milk
(1) Flour
(6) Land-o-lakes Butter (5 cents overage and donating)
(1) J&J Buddy Bar-(9 cents and donating)

SAVED: $131.00

Publix: Trip 2 for "Clipping for a Cause" Ministry @ FUMC so All Below Items will be Donated
(4) Frusion Smoothies 4-pks
(6) J&J Buddy Soap Bars (9 cents)
(6) Sundown Vitamins (Free)
(5) Yoplait Greek Yogurt (Free)
(3) Yo-Plus Yogurt 4-pks (25 cents each)
(6) Land-o-lakes Butter (5 cents overage each)

SAVED: $67.26

Target Trip:

(6) J&J Bathtime Buddy Bars
(6) Gillette Body Washes
(9) Rolaids
(7) Kellogg's Cereal (Get 5 Target Gift Card WYB 4 Kellogg's)

SAVED: $58.12


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Prudent Patron--$25 Publix Gift Card Giveway!

Make sure you visit The Prudent Patron today and enter for your chance to win a $25 Publix Gift Card. She will be choosing a winner at random tomorrow by get in your entries! Good Luck!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Clipping for a Cause" Guest Post on I Heart Publix Today!

Hey Yall!
If you have a chance..visit "I Heart Publix" today and check out the "Clipping for a Cause" guest post. It details information about what First United Methodist is doing for the cause and includes info about the Mobile Food Drive on the 26th of this month!

Saved $137.43, Spent $92--(Not the Greatest b/c I Had to Have a Few "Non-Coupony" Items!)

Considering this week I already purchased diapers at $3 a pack from Rite Aid along with all of the FREE Cover Girl Makeup I could possibly need for all of 2010 ..I guess spending $92 out of pocket at Publix today wasn't all that bad!

Here is what I got and used:

(4) Boxes of Del Monte Fruit Chillers @ $1.67
USED: (4) Internet Printable Manuf. Coupons $1
TOTAL: $2.64

(8) Bags of Steamfresh Veggies @ $1.79 (To Be Donated)
USED: (8) 0.35 Manuf. Coupons
(4) Publix Yellow Advantage Q's for $1/2
TOTAL: $4.72

(5) Puffs Tissue @ $1.99 (To Be Donated)
USED: (5) Free Puffs WYB 2 Vick's Products Manuf. Q's AND 1 "Go on a Shopping Spree" Publix Coupon for 0.55 off

(2) Sure Deodorant @ $2.39 (To Be Donated)
USED: (2) $1.50 off Sure Manuf. Coupons
(2) $1 Q's in Publix Green Store Flyer

(1) Celery @ $1.49

(2) Bags of Romaine Salad @ $2.00

(2) VIVA Paper Towels @ $2.09
USED: 0.75 off two Manuf. Coupon
TOTAL: $3.43

(4) Kellogg's Special K Cereal @ $2
USED: Various $1 off Manuf. Coupons and Peelies found on Product

(10) Vick's Dayquil @ $1.29 (To be Donated)
USED: (10) Manuf. Coupons for $1.50 off any Vick's

(1) Publix Lasagna Noodles @ $1.77

(5) Yoplait Yo Plus @ $1.25
USED: (5) $1 Manuf. Coupons
TOTAL: $1.25

(2) Publix Milk @ $2.28

(4) Bottles of Sundown Vitamins @ $2.99/$3.59 ea
USED: (4) $1 Manuf. Coupons
USED: (2) $6/2 Publix Coupons

(1) Bag of Fresh Peaches @ $5.93

(2) BIG Containers of Similac Formula @ $22.49
USED: (2) Manuf. Coupons for $5 off
USED: (1) In-ad Publix Coupon for $5 wyb 2
TOTAL: $29.98-OUCH!

(2) Publix Cream of Mush. Soup @ 0.89

(1) Publix Ricotta Cheese @ $2.19

(2) Bags of Kraft Shredded Cheese @ $2.99
USED: (1) Manuf. Coupon for $2/2
TOTAL: $3.98

(1) Bounce Dryer Sheets @ $4.99
USED: (1) Publix Q for $1/1
TOTAL: $3.99

(1) Dawn Soap @ $1.99
USED: Free Dawn WYB Bounce Dryer Sheets Manuf. Coupon

(1) El Paso Taco Shell @ $1.97
USED: Publix Q for $1 WYB 2 El Paso Products
TOTAL: 0.97

(1) El Paso Chiles
USED: 0.55 Internet Manuf. Coupon
TOTAL: 0.80

(1) Bananas @ $1.68

(1) Mushrooms @ $1.50

(1) Bag Carrots @ $1.69

(12) Jars of Earth's Best Baby Food @ 0.50
USED: (2) Internet Coupons for $1/6

(2) First Aid Travel Kits @ $1.47-(To Be Donated)
USED: (2) Publix Coupons from Green Flyer for $1.50/1

$10 Gift Card Winner Announcement!

Due to the fact that my guest post will appear on I Heart Publix today with the exact amount that I paid for the donation items, I am announcing the winner of the $10 gift card one day early. Thanks to everyone for your guesses! Can you believe that I paid 30 cents out of pocket for all of that..including tax!? I couldn't have done it without the help of fellow congregation members contributing their unused coupons to "Clipping for a Cause." As stated on "I Heart Publix" today, it is quite inspiring to do this again and again for people in need considering I could have scraped that change right out of my sofa cushions! Congratulations to Sheila W. for winning as her guess of 70 cents definitely came the closest!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Promise is in Need of TP!

I just got my newsletter from Family Promise and on their current wishlist, only one item is listed: Toilet Paper!!! Their shelves are currently bare because they use over 30 rolls of toilet paper a month! If you think about it during the month of March and would like to put a roll or two to the side, I would be more than happy to make the delivery for you during our mobile drive on the 26th! Or..if you are in the area and can make the donation yourself, their address is:
3495 B Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville 30044

$10 Publix Gift Card Giveway Extended!

In hopes to get in some more guesses, I have extended the $10 Publix gift card giveway through this Friday. Also, I think my wording could have been confusing, so I want to clear that up now. Please submit your best guess of the total AMOUNT of the below items. Don't round up to the nearest dollar. While reading back, I noticed I said to guess the "closest dollar amount" and apologize! Hopefully we'll get some additional guesses this way and clear up the confusion I caused! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Guess the Donation Amount" $10 Publix Gift Card Giveway!

(Items Pictured Above Are: 4 bags of Doritos, 2 Jars of Bertolli Spaghetti Sauce, 1 Bottle of Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, 2 Puffs Tissues, 2 Packs of Deli Meat, 6 Bags of Steamfresh Veggies, 5 Bags of Rice, 1 box of Yakisoba Noodles, 1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt)

(Not Pictured but included in Purchase: 2 Bottles of Sundown Vitamin D's, and 4 Vick's Nyquil 2-packs)

It's been a great week for "Clipping for a Cause!" First, the kick-off of the ministry at FUMC followed by a mini-trip to the Lawrenceville Co-op with 82 items donated thanks to several friends of mine. So..I thought I would keep this all going by having a little contest to see who can guess the closest amount that I paid OUT OF POCKET for the above items. I went to Publix tonight and did my shopping for the co-op separately from my personal shopping. I really wanted to let everyone have the opportunity to visualize what a difference can be made by simply clipping coupons and taking a little time extra time to shop for "donation items" when you are already there. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for everyone's help with this...whether it's the donated coupon inserts you may not use, the emails with the helpful hints and best deals, or donating food. To date, 552 items have gone to people in need and it couldn't be done without your help.

All you have to do to win the $10 Publix Gift Card is:

1. Become a Follower of "Clipping for a Cause!" The "Follow" section is on the top left of the page.

2. Grab my button! If you have a website or blog, add my button to your sidebar or blog roll and leave a link to your site so I can see it! You can find my button on the left side of the blog.

3. Share this giveaway with others:
Blog: Write about the giveaway on your blog (if you have one). Be sure to link the giveaway back to "Clipping for a Cause".

4. Leave a comment (with your guess) once you have done all 3! Winner will be announced Monday afternoon!

1500 POUNDS of Free Bread to Anyone/Organization who Needs it!

My friend Lilly shared this link with me today and I think it is such an awesome opportunity to give. So many of you have your own favorite charities that you donate extra food to. Well, on Tuesday, from 4:30-6pm, the Faith Praise and Worship Center in Norcross will be giving away 1500 pounds of free bread!! They are not asking any questions, it does not matter what individual or organization comes to receive it--they just want to offer this special gift to anyone. Please view the following link here on Craigslist for more information

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview: 3/7

This Sunday's coupon insert preview is up and it looks like we will be getting 3 inserts this weekend! For a full list of what you can expect, please visit Southern Savers

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Clipping Party Tomorrow at First United Methodist Church!

I am getting so excited for tomorrow morning to roll around! We are kicking off the "Clipping for a Cause" ministry at First United Methodist Church at 10:30am and it will be so neat to see where all of this will lead in the coming months! We will be clipping and shopping for items that will either be "freebies" or just a few cents to then donate to Lawrenceville Co-op this month! If you live in the area..BYOS (Bring your own Scissors) and come join us! Pictures of tomorrow's event will be posted to the blog as soon as possible!