Monday, March 22, 2010

2 More Reasons Why I Am a Loyal Publix Shopper!

I couldn't help but share 2 separate shopping experiences I have had at Publix over the past week. Hands down, they have truly figured out the combination of what all it takes to have loyal customers that keep coming back and wouldn't dream of doing their grocery shopping anywhere else. Excellent customer service, friendly employees, wonderful sales, and an extremely clean atmosphere is what they pride themselves on. I don't know about you, but I have a completely different feeling when I walk into their store compared to any other..and that's why I am so passionate about it!

1) Within the past week, I visisted my local Publix at Auburn Road in Dacula. Sharon was my cashier..and I will never forget her now! I walked up to the lane to begin unloading my extremely full shopping cart. When she started scanning, I proudly announced that I had about 100 coupons in my hand. Now, fellow couponers out there know that you are going to get one of two reactions when you announce this. You will either get the infamous "rolling of the eyes, heavy sigh reaction," or the "high-five, can't believe you spent all of that time clipping all those coupons" reaction. After all that hard pray for the second one! Anyway, I admitted to Sharon that lately I had been doing some "Publix Hopping." Fearing that I was THAT customer that everyone hated to see, I thought that if I just visited ones around the area and hopped from one to another, each particular store wouldn't see me as often! Sharon stopped what she was doing in mid scan. She looked me right in the face and said, "do not ever feel like that. I could care less even if you had more coupons than these. Coupons make us money and save you money! While we are all about our sister Publix stores, what we really want is customers returning right back here to our store." It made me so happy to hear those words coming out of her mouth. With mixed reactions about the whole "extreme couponing" concept at the stores, this is exactly what I needed to hear right then. Not only that, but as Sharon got ready to give me my final total, she began printing the receipt and as it came shooting out, she continuously folded it over multiple times to stop it from hitting the ground. "Folks, she saved $175!" she announced the the growing crowd behind me in line. And with that, everyone gave a round of applause, I took a bow, and headed to my car with a huge smile on my face! Thank you Sharon and Publix at Auburn Road!

2) Now, my second story comes after shopping with my "Clipping for a Cause" items with coupons donated by congregation members at First United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville. I had already led a "clipping party" for an hour and a half and now went into the store at Lawrenceville Suwanee Road to do the shopping with the clipped coupons. Because it was a Wednesday, Publix was out of several items on the BOGO sale as the ad was changing the very next day. I found a manager by the name of Anthony to see if he could help me out. Two items, the Frusion smoothie drinks and Land O' Lakes butter were completely out of stock in the front. He searched for over 5 minutes in the back until he found both items and as many as I needed to correlate with the number of coupons I had. He was so helpful and so willing..he even listened to my story about "Clipping for a Cause" and starting the ministry recently at the church. Anyway, I went on my merry way to the next item I needed, only to find..there was not one in stock again--YoPlus Yogurt. "Easy fix," Anthony said. "I will gladly honor the buy one, get one price, for a similar item." So..I grabbed 4 Fiber One Yogurt 4 packs instead and he allowed me to use the YoPlus coupon on these. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he hunted me down in the store to share 3 extra coupons he had come up with on his own to give to me for items in my cart to make the total even cheaper! WHO DOES THAT?!?! When I got home, still in disbelief, I went over my receipt one last time. Whoops--I had completely forgotten to tell the cashier that Anthony was going to honor my Fiber One at the BOGO price, so I was charged the full amount. I spoke to Anthony on the phone (who was still so happy to talk to me and help even though I felt like a pest customer) and he told me to come in Friday for my refund. I did with no problem. Thank you so much Anthony and Publix at Lawrenceville Suwanee for your extreme quality of customer service.

To me, Publix does whatever it takes to ensure that once you shop at their store, you will only want to go back to them. For me, this is so true! Even family members who have never stepped foot in a Publix before and "have only shopped at Kroger their whole lives" have heard tales like the ones above have finally given in and made the switch!

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