Friday, February 26, 2010

Bon Appetit! The Bonner's $2.34 (per person) Friday Dinner Menu!

I am so excited about tonight's Spaghetti with Italian Sausage Dinner! Why? Don't things just taste SO much better when you know you only paid $9.35 to feed 4 hungry peeps a COMPLETE dinner?!?

Here is the breakdown:

Ronzini Spaghetti Noodles: $0.50
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce: $0.35
Ground Beef: $3.54
Mild Italian Sausage: $2.59
Cole's Garlic Bread Loaf: $0.15
Bag of Spinach Salad: $2.00
Wishbone Dressing: $0.22

TOTAL: $9.35 or $2.34 per person!

I know some of you prefer that homemade spaghetti sauce that was passed down to you from a top secret "Recipe Card from Grandma..." but you just can't beat this price for all of the food you get!

Happy Couponing! Oh..and p.s. to top it off, we will be savoring the tastes of our $0.35 Betty Crocker brownies for dessert!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Next Mobile Food Drive: Friday, March 26th!

Mark your calendars now for the next "Clipping for a Cause" Mobile Food Drive on Friday, March 26th! February's drive was so successful that many of you inquired about doing it at least once a month throughout the year! How exciting! To be fair to all, we will be switching it up a little bit and all food donations will go to the Lawrenceville Co-op next month, while personal hygiene/paper products/dish soap/etc. will go to Family Promise of Gwinnett! Please email me if you are interested in helping out with this great cause! Remember that YOU can make a huge difference just by placing one bag of groceries outside of your door to be picked up and delivered for you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

One Man's Plan: Great New Blog to Check Out!!

Hi Everyone! My friend Jason just started his own blog here. He and his wife, Kellie, are two people that have truly taught me a TON when it comes to couponing and getting the best bang for your buck. I think you will really enjoy it because they often send me tips and deals that are not on Southern Savers or I Heart Publix. Check it out when you get a chance!

Today's Publix Trip: Saved $166.92, Spent $29.72 Total!

(10) Cole's Garlic Bread @ 1.15 ea.
USED: (10) 0.50/1 IP Manuf. Coupons
TOTAL: $1.50

(7) Coffee Mate Chilled Creamers @ $1.09 ea.
USED: (7) Manuf. Q's from 2/7/10 .50/1
(7) Food Lion Competitor Q's $1/1

(2) Softsoaps @ $1 ea.
USED: (2) Manuf. Q's for 0.35/1 from 1/31 SS
TOTAL: 0.60

(3) Dayquil 2 CT @ $1.29 ea
USED: (3) Manuf. Q's for $2 off ANY Vick's

(Also used the FREE Puffs WYB any 2 Vick's Products to get the FREE Puffs!)

(2) Apple Juice @ $1.39 ea
TOTAL: $2.78

(1) Pack of Chicken @ $4.49
USED: $1 off peelie wyb White Chicken Chili kit
TOTAL: $3.49

(1) Pack of Mild Italian Sausage @ $3.59
TOTAL: $3.59

(1) Bananas @ $2.21
TOTAL: $2.21

(2) Dozen Eggs @ $1.59
USED: Buy One Dozen, Get One Free IP Coupon from "Incredible Edible Egg"
TOTAL: $1.59

(2) Gallons of Milk at $2.28
USED: FREE Milk when you Purchase $100 in Groceries IP Coupon
TOTAL: $2.28

(2) Muier Glen Tomatoes @ $1.50 ea.
USED: (2) IP Coupons for 0.50/1
(1) Publix "Viva Italia" store Q for $1/2

(6) Pillsbury Canned Rolls (Crescent and Sweet Rolls) @ $1.67 ea.
USED: (6)Different IP Q's for 0.50/1 or 0.95/1
(2) $1/3 Publix "Viva Italia" Store Q
TOTAL: $3.12

(2) Loaves of Publix Bread @ 1.25'
USED: $2 off Publix Bread Q WYB 1 Kraft Shredded and 1 Kraft Sliced cheese

(4) Kraft Cheese @ $3.50 and $2.79 ea
USED: (2) $1/2 Kraft IP Coupon
TOTAL: $10.58

(12) Progresso Soups @ $1.15 ea.
USED: (6) 0.50/2 Manuf. Q's from 2/7/10
(3) $1/4 Progresso Products from Publix "Viva Italia" Store Q
TOTAL: $4.80

(1) Publix Ice Cream @ $3

(4) Green Giant Frozen Veggies @ $1 ea.
USED: (2) IP Manuf. Q's for 0.50/1
(2) $1/2 "Viva Italia" Q's

(1) Fresh Express Salad @ $2.50

(1) Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol @ 0.97
USED: "Publix Baby Club" Q for FREE Rubbing Alcohol

(1) Publix Hand Sanitizer @ 0.99
USED: "Publix Baby Club" Q for FREE Hand Sanitizer

(1) Publix Cocoa Butter Lotion @ $3.49
USED: "Publix Baby Club" Q for FREE Cocoa Butter Lotion

(2) Wishbone Ranch Dressing @$1.33 ea.
USED: $1.50 Q off any 2 Wishbone Dressings
TOTAL: $1.16

(2) KNOX Gelatin @ 1.39 ea.
USED: $4/1 Knox Product

(2) Green Giant Canned Veggies @ 0.64 cents ea.
TOTAL: $1.28

(1) Land-o-Frost Turkey @ 3.49 ea.
USED: (1) IP for $2/1
TOTAL: $1.49

(2) Betty Crocker Muffins @ $1.29 ea.
USED: (2) IP for 0.50/1
TOTAL: 0.58

I also used 2 other Q's in my Transaction Today:

(1) $5 off $30 Purchase Home Mailer
(1) $5 WYB 20 "Viva Italia" Particpating Products

2/21 Coupon Insert Preview!

This Sunday there will be (3) inserts in your paper:

(1) SmartSource
(1) Redplum
(1) Procter & Gamble

2/21 Smart Source
$1 off Better Than Ears Or Guilt Free Treats, Any 8 oz. 9 pk or Nuttastics, Any 10 Oz. (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Bumble bee prime fillet cans 5 oz (exp 5/31)
$1 off Bumble bee sensations seasoned tuna medley bowl 5 oz (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Bumble bee premium tuna pouch 2.5 or 5 oz (exp 5/31)
$1 off Celestial seasonings tea (exp 5/21)
$1/2 Cheerios listed (exp 4/3)
$1/2 Chex cereals listed (exp 4/3)
$1/2 Chocolate cheerios (exp 4/3)
.75/1 Colgate 360 Adult Manual Toothbrush (exp 3/13)
.75/1 Colgate Max White, Max Fresh, Total, Sensitive or Kids 4 oz + (exp 3/13)
$1/10 Dannon 6 oz singleserve or two light & fit 4 packs or 6 packs (exp 3/21)
$1.50 Don francisco coffee (exp 4/1)
$5 off Ester C Tablets (exp 4/7)
$1/2 Fiber one toaster pastries (exp 4/3)
.50/1 French’s Fried Onions (exp 4/18)
$1.50/2 Fresh Express Salad Blends (exp 4/30)
$1 off 4 Frusion 7 fl oz yogurt smoothies or one multipack or 32 oz container (exp 4/30)
.40/1 Gortons Item (exp 5/15)
$1/3 Green giant frozen boxed vegetables (exp 4/17)
$1/3 Green giant valley fresh steamers frozen vegetables (exp 4/17)
$1/2 Halls 20 ct or larger (exp 3/27)
$3 off Impruv dry skin care solution (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Kaboom Foam Tastic or Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner(exp 7/31)
$2 off Kibble Select Complete 4 lb + (exp 5/31)
Free Kings Hawaiian Rolls 4 pk wyb (1) Tyson Heat and Eat entree (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Marie Callenders homestyle creations (exp 4/15)
$1/2 Mrs. dash seasonings (exp 4/15)
$1 off Nature valley granola nut clusters, bag (exp 4/17)
$3 off wyb (1) Neosporin and (1) bandaid product (exp 3/31)
$1/2 No yolks noodles (exp 6/30)
$1 off Oust surface disinfectant & air sanitizer (exp 4/17)
$1/2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies (exp 4/30)
$1 off Planters big nut bars 5 ct box or Planters Nutrition 5 ct box (exp 5/31)
$1 off Poise liners (exp 4/4)
$1 off Poise pads (exp 4/4)
$1/4 Progresso soups (exp 4/17)
$1 off Revlon beauty tool (exp 3/28)
$2 off Revlon color cosmetic product (exp 3/28)
$1 off Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel sandwiches bag or serving pack 8 oz + (exp 4/30)
$1 off Silk Soymilk or Silk Pure Almond Almondmilk, half gallon (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Sugarfree Mentos Gum (exp 5/31)
$1 off Trumoo Chocolate Milk, gallon (exp 4/30)
.75/1 Trumoo Chocolate Milk, half gallon (exp 4/30)
.85/1 Vivia Big Roll (exp 4/4)
$1.50 Wanchai ferry frozen entree (exp 4/17)
$1 off Wheaties cereal (exp 4/3)
$1/2 Yoplait gogurt yogurt (exp 4/17)
.55/1 Ziploc brand slider bags (exp 4/17)
$1/2 Ziploc brand slider bags (exp 4/17)

2/21 Red Plum
$6 off Flexamin Joint Care Product
$1 off Folgers Products 7oz + including Folgers Singles and Pods
Free Grain Berry Pancake & Waffle Mix wyb Grain Berry Cold Cereal Crackers or Muffin Mix
$1/2 Hungry Jack pancake Mix or Syrup
$3/3 Infant’s Motrin, Children’s Motrin, Infant’s Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol
$3/2 Infant’s Motrin, Children’s Motrin, Infant’s Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol Plus Cold
$1 off Infant’s Motrin, Children’s Motrin, Infant’s Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol Plus Cold
.75/1 Kellogg’s Special K Fruit Crisps 10ct +
$2 off Kibbles‘n Bits Dry Dog Food 16 lbs +
$1 off Kibbles‘n Bits Dry Dog Food 8 lbs or smaller
$1 off L’Oreal Cosmetic Product
$2 off L’Oreal EverStrong Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment
$2 off L’Oreal Excellence or Excellence ToGo Shade
$1 off L’Oreal Facial Cleanser
$1 off L’Oreal Facial Moisturizer
$2 off L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base or any L’Oreal Face Product
$1 off L’Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Style or StudioLine Styling Product
$1 off L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner
.50/2 Pop Secret Products
$1 off PupPeroni Dog Snacks 4.8oz or larger
B1G1 Purex Liquid Detergent or Purex Complete 3in1 Laundry Sheets Mix and Match
B1G1 Purina Mighty Dog
$1 off Purina Mighty Dog Variety Pack
.55/1 Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread, Buns or Mini Bagels
$1/3 Smucker’s Jam, Jelly, Preserves or Fruit Spread
.50/2 Snickers Bars
$1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop50 59oz or larger
$1/2 Uncle Ben’s Rice Products
$1 off Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice

2/21 Procer & GambleAll Expire 3/31
$1.50 Bounce Dryer Bar, any
$1 off Clearblue Pregnancy or Ovulation Test
$1 off Crest Premium Toothpaste, 4.0 oz+
.25/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Sheets
.25/1 Fixodent, 1.2oz+
Free Gillette Body Wash wyb Fusion Shave Prep Product
$1 off Gillette Body Wash or Deodorant
$4/2 off Gillette Body Washes or Deodorants
$3 off Gillette Clinical Deodorant
.25/1 Glide Floss 35m+
$1 off Metamucil Clear & Natural product
Free Olay Body Wash wyb any Olay Regernerist Facial Moisturizer
Free Olay Body Lotion wyb any Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer
$3/2 Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash, 1.7oz+
$2/2 Old Spice Cologne or After Shave, 4.25oz+
$1/2 Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant or Body Wash, 1.7oz+
B1G1 Old Spice Body Spray
$2/2 off wyb Old Spice Red Zone or Pro Strength Deodorant and Red Zone Body Wash
$2/2 off wyb Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash and ProStrength or Red Zone Deodorant
.75/1 Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage, or (2) Indicator Toothbrushes
$2 off Pampers Cruisers Diapers
$1/2 Pantene Hair Care products
.50/1 Pepto Bismol, any
.50/4 Pringles cans, 180 g +
$3 off Pur or Pur Flavor Options System, pitcher or faucet mount
.25/1 Puffs Singles (3) OR any (1) Puffs 3pk
Free Secret Clinical Solid wyb any Olay ProX Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser
$1 off Scope Rinse 710mL+
Free Venus Embrace Razor wyb any Olay ProX Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser
$1.50 Vicks product, any

Thanks Southern Savers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First "Stock the Shelves" Mobile Food Drive: An Unbelievable Success

Today was an incredible day. Words cannot even describe how happy I was to see so many people come together with such short notice all with one thing in common: to help someone else in need. Thank you to each and every person who participated by donating your time or food today. It brought a smile to my face to walk up to each house and see the grocery bags sitting right outside to be picked up and delivered. All together, we were able to donate 410 items today!!!!!! That is unbelievable considering it was just a week ago when we all decided to do this!

Kristy (my cousin) was gracious enough to come over and help me sort through everything, count it and then deliver it. I honestly couldn't have done it without her, especially with my 3 little ones in the mix today! The donations were split between 2 organizations today: Family Promise of Gwinnett and the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry. Family Promise of Gwinnett mainly needs items such as napkins, hand soap, facial tissue, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and paper towels, so those items were dropped off there. The remaining canned and non-perishable items were dropped off with Laura Drake, Director of Southeast Gwinnett Co-op.

We got the opportunity to meet some of the clients that we got to help today. I truly feel instead of us blessing them today, they blessed us by allowing us to get to know who they were and what they were going through. Mr. Willy, pictured above holding grocery bags with me, actually had to ask for assistance for the very first time today. He has recently fallen on hard times, but instead of pushing his way up to the front of the line to be helped first, he took time out to help US unload all of the donations from my trunk.

I could go on and on with the stories from today but I heard a quote a while back that I think best sums up the day in once sentence: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world." A sincere thank-you to everyone who was the world to one person today. I couldn't have done it without you and am excited about what the future will bring. There will be information about the next Mobile Food Drive in March coming up soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GREAT Betty Crocker Coupons!

New Printable Coupons
Click here to get these Betty Crocker coupons fast as they will probably go quickly! These will really make for some great deals when these items go on sale!

Thanks "Clipping to Save!"

$.75/1 Betty Crocker any flavor/variety SuperMoist Cake Mix
$.50/1 Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix
$1/2 Betty Crocker any flavor 17.5 oz. or larger Cookie Mix & one tub of any flavor/variety frosting
$.50/1 Pam Cooking Spray
$.50/1 Wesson Oil 48 oz.

NEW Link for 0.95 cents off 1 Pillsbury Rolls (BOGO starting Tomorrow)

Here is a new link.
Go here to print Save $.95 when you buy any one Pillsbury Refrigerated Sweet Rolls

NEW Link for 0.95 cents off 1 Pillsbury Rolls (BOGO starting Tomorrow)

See How my Friend Erin (a High School Teacher) is Getting her School Involved!

This is the flyer she created to pass out to all of the teachers:
Can you buy all this for less than $20?

It’s possible! Want to learn how?
Erin Lace & Clipping for a Cause founder Heather Bonner are holding a
to kick off the start of the PRHS branch of Clipping for a Cause!
Learn how to:
• Find the best deals every week on items you already buy
• Combine coupons from the newspaper, internet, and store inserts with store sales and promotions to buy items at rock-bottom prices
• Organize your coupons and your shopping trip
• Stockpile rock-bottom price items to feed your family (and others) for less
• DONATE extra food items to local area food banks!

We want to teach you how to save money every week, and we need your help in stocking the shelves of local food banks! Together, we can make a big difference in our community!
Date: TBA
Location: Peachtree Ridge HS, Room A209
Cost: FREE!
Bring: Pen and paper to take notes!

For more information, check out the Clipping for a Cause Blog:

Land O'Frost Lunch Meat Coupon-$2/1!!

Here is a HOT coupon I thought I would share for Land O'Frost Lunch Meat. There is a great chance this item could be free if you wait until it's on sale and use your coupon! Don't forget to print two here
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
$2/1 Land O Frost Premium Coupon

$2/1 Land O Frost Premium Coupon

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jason and Kellie's AMAZING Publix Trip!

I thought I would share a photo and the breakdown of Jason and Kellie's Publix trip the other night. They are good friends of mine and I must say, I was highly impressed! In fact..after this, I am thinking of turning the entire blog over to them and they can just take over for me!!

11 tubs Country Crock
8 boxes Success Rice boil in bag (2ct)
8 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
4 pouches Starkist Tuna15 bags Mahatma Valencia rice
12 bags Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
9 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Sudsing Bar (kids soap)
8 4-packs Yoplait Fiber one Yogurt
18 Single Use Nyquil/Dayquil (in travel section)
9 boxes Puffs Tissues
4 boxes Grape Nuts
1 Gal milk
8 Bags Ruffies Garbage can liners

Order Total $211.37 Total Savings $194.36 Total OOP $17.01 + taxes

How they did it:
Nyquil & Dayquil Travel Size $1.29 (make sure you match these up with the PUFFS)
$2/1 1/17/10 P&G
$1.50 2/7/10 P&G
=$.71 overage with $2q
=$.21 overage with $1.50q

Free wyb 2 Vicks Products 2/7/09 P&G

Mahatma Valencia Rice $.87
.50q in the 2/7/10rp
= .13 overage each

Starkist Tuna pouches .99 each
1.00 printable
= .01 overage each

Johnson Buddies bar soap 1.09
1.00/1 Johnson's baby product, any 01/03/2010 RP2
= .09 each

Success Rice Boil/Bags 2ct. $1.19
.50 1/31/10RP
=.19 each

Ruffies Trash Bags - $2.19
1.00/1 Publix Yellow Advantage
.50/1 12/12/09 RP
=.19 each with stacked Publix coupon and double manufacturer

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview: 1 Redplum

Well, it looks like last Sunday's 4 coupon inserts will make up for tomorrow's paper! Be on the lookout for the lonely Redplum insert on Valentine's Day. If you can't wait (like me!) to see all of the great savings, click here Happy Couponing!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Publix Trip to Get Freebies and Steals! Spent $19.28, Saved $81.48!

Hey Y'all! Am I ever on a high after today's Publix trip! The goal was to go in and stock up on as many freebies and $1 or under items for the fam and for next week's mobile food drive! There were so many good deals this week that I was not about to pass up!

Here is the breakdown of items purchased and prices for each:

(6) Jars of Beechnut Baby Food: 0.26 each
USED: (2) IP(Internet Printable) Mfr. Coupons for $1/3
COMBINED WITH: (1) Food Lion Q for $1/6
TOTAL: -1.44

(4) Boxes of Post Raisin Bran: $2.50 each
USED: (2) $1/2 Mfr. Coupons (Smart Source 1/17)
USED: (1) Publix Coupon for Free Milk WYB 4 Boxes of Post

(1) Box of Post Blueberry Morning Cereal: $2 each
USED: (1) IP Mfr. Coupon for $2 off ANY Post Cereal

(1) Gallon of 2% Milk: $2.29 each
TOTAL: FREE (WYB 4 Boxes of Post Cereal)

(1) Resolve Spray N Wash Stain Remover: $2.99
USED: (1) Mfr. Coupon for 0.50 off (1/3/10)
TOTAL: $1.99

(1) Lysol 4 in 1 All Purpose Cleaner: $1.35
USED: (1) IP Mfr. Coupon for 0.50 off
TOTAL: 0.35

(4) Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: $1.29 each
USED: (2) IP Mfr. Coupons for 0.50/2
TOTAL: $3.16

(10) Packs of Yakisoba Noodles: $0.79 each
USED: (10) Mfr. Coupons for 0.50 off 1
TOTAL: -2.10

(1) Box of Knox Gelatin: $1.39
USED: (1) Mfr. Coupon for $4/1 Knox Product
TOTAL: -2.61

(1) Maybelline Mascara: $3.69
USED: (1) Mfr. Coupon for $1/1 (RP 1/10)
TOTAL: $2.69

(2) Packages of Keebler Cookies: $1.75 each
USED: (2) IP Mfr. Coupons for $1/1
TOTAL: $1.50

(4) Tubs of Country Crock Butter: 0.94 each
USED: (2) IP Mfr. Coupons for 0.50/1
(2) Mfr. Coupons for 0.30/1 (RP 1/31)
(4) Publix "Healthy Wallet" Coupons for 0.55/1
TOTAL: -1.64

(1) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: $1.33
USED: (1) IP Mfr. Coupons
TOTAL: 0.53

(3) Yoplait Fiber One 4pks: $1.25
USED: (3) Mfr. Coupons for 0.50/1 (SS 1/24, 1/03)
TOTAL: $0.75

(2) Reese's Pieces Bags: $3
USED: (2) Mfr. Coupons for $1/1 (1/31 SS)
(2) Target Coupons for $1/1

(2) 12 ct. Pop-Tarts: $2.50
USED: (1) $1/2 Boxes

(3) Chapsticks-1ct. $1.49/ea
USED: (3) Publix Coupons for $1/1
(1) Mfr. Coupon for $1/3
TOTAL: 0.50

(1) Orbit Gum 3 pk: 0.99
USED: (1) IP Mfr. Coupon for $1/1

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First "Stock the Shelves" Mobile Food Drive

Next Thursday, February 18th, there will be a mobile food drive in hopes to "Stock the Shelves" of our area food banks. All you have to do is set one grocery bag of non-perishables outside of your door to be picked up and delivered for you! This is a wonderful and easy opportunity to give back to others. If interested, please email me! Also..please feel free to forward this information along to your social networks or post it on your blog!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Donation Delivered: A Humbling Day to Say the Least

Do you ever have those moments that you look back and remember, "that event truly changed my life..." Today was one of those moments for me. As I made the right hand turn into the co-op this morning, I noticed that there was not one single parking space available. I circled around again, and with no luck, I created my own spot by squeezing my van tightly into a graveled area in between two cones. "Great!" I thought! "A lot of other people are here to donate food today too." Wrong.

Once inside, the kids and I pushed our way through the crowd of 100+. Suddenly, our 5 measly bags of 60 items seemed like nothing in comparison to all of the folks there NEEDING to be fed. The volunteers called one name after another out of the crowd. Others just sat, crammed like sardines, waiting for their opportunity to fill their carts with essentials for their families. There were men, women, children, babies, homeless, you name it.

We were there for a reason today..I firmly believe that. I think God wanted me to have a visual image that this problem is far past anything I could have ever imagined. It will take a huge effort from all of us to make a difference. Next week, on February 18th (Thursday) there will be a "Stock the Shelves" mobile food drive. The format will be similar to how the Salvation Army collects their items. For more information on how to help, please email me.

Moneymaker Idea in Upcoming Ad

While I was up last night doing the dreaded "expired coupon throwaway" I discovered a moneymaker idea for the upcoming ad that you may not know about and wanted to pass it along...

Country Crock will be BOGO starting tomorrow (today in some areas) at $2.03
Print this coupon here and combine it with the Publix Q (Healthy Wallet, Happier You) for 55 cents off any Shedd's Spread Country Crock Product for an overage of 53 cents!

Also..don't forget to use your $1/2 Post Cereal coupons from 1/17/10. They will also be BOGO in the upcoming ad. Combined with the in-store coupon for "Free Milk when You purchase 4 boxes of Post Cereal" this means you are getting a gallon of milk and 4 boxes of cereal for a little over $6!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saved $158.76, Spent $60.12, Total Items to be Donated to Date: 58

Another successful Publix shopping trip tonight! I only spent $60 on items our family of 5 will use for 2 weeks. It's so hard to make out every item in the picture. As you can see, there are several produce items, 4 boxes of cereal, laundry detergent, 2 packages of Contessa Shrimp, medicine, Mountain Dew, 2 Packages of Voila, 2 packs of Ball Park beef franks, 10 packs of Yakisoba noodles, 4 boxes of Velvetta Mac-N-Cheese, etc.

One deal that is not currently being advertised that I wanted to tell y'all about is the "Orbit" Gum. Publix has them in the Yellow Flyer for 2/4. There is also a printable coupon for $1 off here. flavor is being discontinued (Watermelon Orbit) and is only 99 cents! Combined with the $1/off printable..this is -0.01 cents for 3 packs of gum!

Thanks to the hubby for being so patient in my shopping endeavors. He helped me arrange everything on the table and took the photograph for me! He began stacking things really high on top of the cereal and paper towels when we ran out of room on the table. What a great problem to have!!

Not even a week in and 58 items are already sitting in bags waiting to be delivered to Lawrenceville Co-Op!

Article as It Appeared on "I Heart Publix" Today!

This is a guest post by Heather over at Clipping For A Cause. When she emailed me about her new blog I thought it might be nice to bring the concept of giving back to the forefront. I know many people are struggling to make ends meet. I have seen numerous news reports about the great need at food banks and shelters! Many of you have emailed me about where to donate so I thought this post might be a great way to share some info. I get emails regularly asking me where to take the Diabetes meters, Bayer Aspirin, and Phazyme that have been plentiful lately. So feel free to share ideas and even contact info of local drop off spot that you might use. I bet there are a lot of you out there who may have a lot to give but are unsure how or where to start!!
Just days ago, I began my own blog called "Clipping for a Cause." You all can relate to the feeling of being overjoyed at the sight of all your good deals as you quickly dump out the bags of groceries on the countertops once you get home. It seriously makes me want to do a cartwheel in the middle of the kitchen! I don't know about you, but as a stay-at-home mom, the entire clipping/shopping process has given me a sense of purpose; something to look forward to each week. Don't get me wrong, I love being with my children and family, but if you think about it, couponing and saving as much as we all can at the grocery store is EARNED INCOME for our families. This is my job and duty now.

Having said that, each week that goes by, more and more "money-maker" and "overage" items have piled up on our shelves and in our freezer at home. Weeks ago, I started feeling little taps on my shoulder and began to get the feeling that this wasn't the only thing that I was supposed to be doing. Why are these items stockpiling on our shelves? Something suddenly came over me: do we really need 20 packages of Yakisoba noodles, 15 bottles of vitamins, 7 bottles of French's mustard, and 25 bags of Chex mix? Absolutely not...but so many others do.Do not get me wrong...I firmly believe in providing for our own families. As we face each day amongst a spiraling economy, it's important now more than ever to have food on the table for our families. However, perhaps our acquired couponing skills can not only provide for our own families, but it can help others too.

I truly feel like I have been blessed by people like Michelle who have taken their time to share with others how just a few changes can keep those precious dollars in our bank accounts. hope is that we can all feel inspired to give back. "Clipping for a Cause" says it all in the name. It has been created so that those extra items we have piling up on the shelves can be donated to food banks in your area or directly to the homeless themselves. Just Google "Food Banks" next time you have an opportunity. Unfortunately, what you will find is that food banks everywhere are bare due to the significant increase in requests for assistance. People who "had it all" so to speak, have become jobless and have had to start asking for handouts. That is by far the last thing they ever thought they would be doing. It's almost as though what we have learned to do at the grocery store with coupons goes hand in hand with helping those in need.

I would love for you to visit my blog Clipping For A Cause if you have a chance. Together, we can stock the shelves of various food banks and feed the homeless who may not know where their next meal is coming from.

Thank you to Michelle for allowing me to post this article on her website and thanks to all of you who took the time to read it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Links to the Organizations that "Clipping for a Cause" Will Assist

Family Promise of Gwinnett:

Did You Know?
The average age of a homeless person in the United States is 9.

Families with children make up 40% of homeless population

During the 2005 school year, the Gwinnett School System accommodated over 3,000 homeless students.

The Lawrenceville Co-op

What We Do for Our Clients: We assist those in need by providing food, limited emergency financial assistance for utilities and prescription drugs. We also offer assistance by connecting those in need with various helping sources in the community. We seek to help clients identify ways to achieve self-sufficiency.
"For I was hungry and you gave me food." Matthew 25:35

The Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry

The SE Gwinnett Co-Op is a non-profit organization created to support those in our local community in need of food and financial assistance with utilities and medication. This ministry is operated 100% through donations and is staffed by volunteers.

As the pain of a strained economy has put many in our community in a financially vulnerable position, the Co-op has experienced a sharp increase in the number client visits over the past six months. Each month we serve 400-500 families, giving approximately 27,000 cans of food and $18.000 in financial assistance. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Woo-Hoo! One Day In and Already a Donation!

Items to be donated so far!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read and respond to my blog! I am really excited about it..especially after today! Thanks to my friend Michelle for making the first official donation to "Clipping for a Cause!" Her Knox Gelatin along with many other items will be among the first to head over to the food bank. I've already heard from several others that they will be donating their unused items as well. This really warms my heart y'all! Well..I am off to maximize my "quite time" while I miraculously have 3 asleep at the same time! I will leave you with this thought: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." ~William James

Thursday, February 4, 2010

See What $18.95 will Getcha!

These have definitely been my best deals over the past month. It's hard to see everything...but if you notice, there are quite a few items. Several boxes of medicine, Voila Meals, ground beef, vitamins, Pillsbury Toaster Strudels, Ritz Crackers, Chex Mix, sugar, coffee, etc. All for $18.95 plus tax! My mouth hit the floor too! Anyway, this month's grocery donations will go to the Lawrenceville Co-op.

Here Goes Nothing!

A couple of months ago, I began noticing status updates on people's Facebook profiles: "I went to Publix and saved $100 and only spent $10." Being the casual couponer I was at the time, it did spark somewhat of an interest to acquire my own receipt outlining the same wonderful savings, but quickly fizzled. It wasn't until I overheard a neighbor discussing how she ran into another neighbor at Publix and the conversation went something like this: "Yeah, Heather, she said she stocked her freezer full of Hungry Man meals and they paid HER for 20+ boxes!" Let's just say that got my attention.

Since then, couponing has become my number one hobby. Call it nerdy if you want, but maybe when you see future blog postings about my 80-90% savings, you will want to be a nerd with me! I look forward to Sundays. Just seeing that paper sitting there on the grass waiting for me to run out like a crazy woman: barefoot, mismatched pajamas and disheveled hair..yikes-you get the picture! It takes only seconds once inside to tear it apart, uncovering the layers to get to best part of all: COUPONS! Thankfully, the kids somehow all got the memo that Sundays are meant to be a day of rest and during their 3 hour naps, the clipping begins.

When I couple the Sunday paper savings along with competitor coupons, and online manufacturer's coupons ( is a phenomenal website) I can't help but wonder...why didn't I start doing this a long time ago!? However, it has quickly become apparent that each time I proudly unload my groceries, I am acquiring a lot of items considered "money makers" that I never intend to use. Who needs 20 packs of Yakisoba Noodles, 10 bottles of vitamins, 6 boxes of Ritz Crackers, or 15 4-packs of Benevia Juice anyway?? We may not, but others do. While we are fortunate and extremely blessed...more people than ever have been affected by our economy, leaving many food banks in our area with empty shelves. So..why not combine the love of couponing and saving money with the appropriate resources to help others?

I encourage you to do what you can as well. Whether it's the "free" item from a buy one, get one deal that could be donated, or items on shelves that will never be touched, share it with someone who really hates asking for "handouts" or who may not know where their next meal is coming from. If you see me on a regular basis, feel free to drop your donations off with me. If not, you may have another charity in mind. For purposes of my new venture, my "extra" food will be split between the Lawrenceville Co-op, the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative, and the homeless. Together, we can make a huge difference. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.