Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Donation Delivered: A Humbling Day to Say the Least

Do you ever have those moments that you look back and remember, "that event truly changed my life..." Today was one of those moments for me. As I made the right hand turn into the co-op this morning, I noticed that there was not one single parking space available. I circled around again, and with no luck, I created my own spot by squeezing my van tightly into a graveled area in between two cones. "Great!" I thought! "A lot of other people are here to donate food today too." Wrong.

Once inside, the kids and I pushed our way through the crowd of 100+. Suddenly, our 5 measly bags of 60 items seemed like nothing in comparison to all of the folks there NEEDING to be fed. The volunteers called one name after another out of the crowd. Others just sat, crammed like sardines, waiting for their opportunity to fill their carts with essentials for their families. There were men, women, children, babies, homeless, you name it.

We were there for a reason today..I firmly believe that. I think God wanted me to have a visual image that this problem is far past anything I could have ever imagined. It will take a huge effort from all of us to make a difference. Next week, on February 18th (Thursday) there will be a "Stock the Shelves" mobile food drive. The format will be similar to how the Salvation Army collects their items. For more information on how to help, please email me.

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  1. That's awesome! It may seem a little, but every bit makes a difference! Especially the more that participate. Way to go!