Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jason and Kellie's AMAZING Publix Trip!

I thought I would share a photo and the breakdown of Jason and Kellie's Publix trip the other night. They are good friends of mine and I must say, I was highly impressed! In fact..after this, I am thinking of turning the entire blog over to them and they can just take over for me!!

11 tubs Country Crock
8 boxes Success Rice boil in bag (2ct)
8 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
4 pouches Starkist Tuna15 bags Mahatma Valencia rice
12 bags Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
9 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Sudsing Bar (kids soap)
8 4-packs Yoplait Fiber one Yogurt
18 Single Use Nyquil/Dayquil (in travel section)
9 boxes Puffs Tissues
4 boxes Grape Nuts
1 Gal milk
8 Bags Ruffies Garbage can liners

Order Total $211.37 Total Savings $194.36 Total OOP $17.01 + taxes

How they did it:
Nyquil & Dayquil Travel Size $1.29 (make sure you match these up with the PUFFS)
$2/1 1/17/10 P&G
$1.50 2/7/10 P&G
=$.71 overage with $2q
=$.21 overage with $1.50q

Free wyb 2 Vicks Products 2/7/09 P&G

Mahatma Valencia Rice $.87
.50q in the 2/7/10rp
= .13 overage each

Starkist Tuna pouches .99 each
1.00 printable
= .01 overage each

Johnson Buddies bar soap 1.09
1.00/1 Johnson's baby product, any 01/03/2010 RP2
= .09 each

Success Rice Boil/Bags 2ct. $1.19
.50 1/31/10RP
=.19 each

Ruffies Trash Bags - $2.19
1.00/1 Publix Yellow Advantage
.50/1 12/12/09 RP
=.19 each with stacked Publix coupon and double manufacturer


  1. Holy cow! Wow! that IS amazing!

  2. I went yesterday (last day of the sale) and got many of these items. Spent $27 and got $103 worth of stuff. They were about cleaned out, but there was enough for all of my coupons (except the Fiber One Yogurt). I'm quite impressed. Once Jackie uploads the picture, I'll email it to you. Here's what it was:
    (6) Lysol Clean Triggers
    (2) Hebrew National Hot Dogs
    (6) Healthy Choice Fresh Steamers
    (4) Post Cereals
    (1) Gallon of Milk
    (2) Fiber One 4-pack yogurt
    (1) Joy Dish Liquid
    (6) Rolaids 3-packs
    (6) NyQuil/DayQuil 2-Packs

  3. That's awesome Paul..yes..PLEASE email me the picture so I can post yours as well. I would love it!! Gotta run..mobile food drive today! Wish me luck :)