Tuesday, September 14, 2010

$2.82 For Nearly 40 Items!

Here is a picture of some of the best deals we have clipped and shopped for recently at "Clipping for a Cause." We are close to hitting the 6,000 mark for items that have been donated to local charities! While saving over $3,000, very little has come out of pocket: $250!

I also want to remind you all that when you see a ton of the same item in a picture, no worries! There are several shoppers within the ministry and we all split up, shop at different stores and divide coupons out among us. We always want to be mindful of shoppers coming in behind us and would never clear the shelves of one store for one item!

Here is the coupon breakdown of what is pictured above:

(12) Spaghetti-O's at $0.50 each
USED: (4) $0.40/3 8/29/2010 Smart Source Coupons
TOTAL: $4.20

(6) Yakisoba Noodles @ $0.60 each
USED: (6) $0.50/1 8/29/2010 Smart Source Coupons
TOTAL: -$2.40 (Each coupon doubled to $1 off, giving us $0.40 for each package!)

(10) Newman's Own Pasta Sauce @ $1.35
USED: (10) $0.50/1 8/15/2010 Red Plum Coupons
TOTAL: $3.50

(8) Mahatma Rice @ 0.69 ea (Small skinny bag)
USED: (8) $0.50/1 8/29/2010 Red Plum Coupons
TOTAL: -$2.48

GRAND TOTAL: $2.82 for nearly 40 items!

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