Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day "Love Thy Neighbor" Drive Fast Approaching!

We are just days away from our first annual "Love Thy Neighbor" Valentine's Day Food Drive!
The response to help has been an overwhelming blessing! Several local neighborhoods have signed up to participate in the mobile drive that day. Neighbors have been asked to place one bag of non-perishables outside of their doors to be picked up and delivered for them. What an easy way to help the needy..and so much appreciated!

Wells Real Estate Funds of Norcross has even placed a large box in their main lobby so that employees can donate items for the next week or so! So far, just their company alone has collected over 100 items!

5-2 Ministry of Grayson, GA (a ministry who also uses coupons and "pocket change" to purchase items for the needy) is also on board to help! All of the items collected by 5-2 will be going directly to the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op that day. In one day, this food bank serves up to 90 families. Needless to say, since the holidays, their shelves have become bare at times. However, their faith is strong, and they urge people like you to add a few extra items to your cart to donate.

So far, over 600 items have been collected! (Not all items are pictured) Remember, even if you aren't local, you can still help! "Show the love" and organize your own drive. Even if you just email your closest friends and family members, and collect 20 items, that is 20 more items than the food banks had before!

Our goal is still to collect 3,000 items that day! They will then be divided and distributed beween various organizations throughout Gwinnett County: Villa Lodge and Suites of Lawrenceville, The Quinn House, Family Promise of Gwinnett, and Lawrenceville Co-op.

For more information on how you can help or become involved with this effort, please email me!


  1. Everytime I read your blog I cry :) This was the post that got me today. I love it!

  2. You are so sweet!! Thank you for following and caring! :)