Friday, February 18, 2011

Saved $170.79, Spent $67.08 (Personal Grocery Trip)

I LOVE the Italian Days sale at Publix! I look forward to stocking up on these particular items every very little cost! Although it is hard to tell in the picture, I purchased between 50-60 canned goods yesterday! One of the best deals was 20 cans of the Hunt's tomato sauce for only $1.80 total! I hardly ever do it, but had to make an exception and go to two different stores yesterday. Who knew that the toilet paper being the penny item could get me so how times have changed!! I didn't do the coupon matchups for you this time, because most of the items pictured are included in the coupon matchups I did in this post a few days ago! Of course, I did have to add a few non-coupony things to the cart, like bananas, milk, celery, carrots, oh and that bag of Valentine's conversation hearts for .50 that caught my eye last minute! ;)

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