Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Blog and Clipping for a Cause Chapter! Crossroads Fellowship!

If you have a second click here to visit one of the newest Clipping for a Cause chapters: Crossroads Fellowship! For those of you who have a Harris Teeter close by, it's Super Doubles week! While we don't have this store in Atlanta, I sure wish we did when this sale comes around! You can score some great deals and even better, you can help stock the shelves of local food pantries for next to nothing out of pocket! I am lovin' the FREE Betty Crocker Potatoes, FREE Campbell's soup, and FREE Yakisoba!! Thanks to Ashley and her team for their hard work with this effort!


  1. Thanks, Heather! We are excited to see this outreach get off the ground, and the Super Doubles at Harris Teeter have been a great way to get started!
    Today I got 7 Yakisoba and 4 Mariani dried fruits for 30 cents - just paid the tax. It was awesome! The cashier prayed for me and the ministry when I told her it was all going to the food bank. Praise God!

  2. Amazing!!! The cashier praying for you should be yet another sign that you are definitely being obedient to a calling to help the needy! Our official website will be up very soon and I would love for your group to be a part of it. It will have a home page, and from there, people can click on a tab that will link you to all of the separate chapters! That way we can all be in one place and it will be more organized. Plus, one person from each chapter can maintain their individual page. So, if you wanted to upload info about Harris Teeter Doubles could, etc. :) Very exciting!