Monday, November 8, 2010

One Person CAN Make a Difference!!!

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to meet Kaylee. She came to a Clipping for a Cause meeting to find out more about how to start her own chapter at her church. She fit right on in with us, in fact, we all wished after she left that she lived closer so she could join us weekly! All of us especially got a laugh when we sat down to clip coupons and saw her whip out her very own pair from her pocket! BYOS (bring your own scissors!) we all joked!!

Anyway, since then, her church has kind of had a slow start to beginning the ministry. Instead of getting discouraged, Kaylee has used it as an opportunity to continue to be diligent in following her personal calling to help others in the community. Recently, she decided to individually organize a mobile food drive in her loft apartment complex. She was able to collect 502 total items for her local food pantry! She didn't stop there, however, and did a separate one at work to add over 150 items to the list!

Kaylee is an inspiration to all of us. No, 650 items are not going to come close to feeding all of the people right here in our own country who are hungry. However, it is 650 more items than the food bank shelves would have had if it weren't for Kaylee's effort.

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