Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hamilton Mill UMC "Clipping for a Cause" Chapter: Spent $1.30, Saved $22.15!

If you are a "Clipping for a Cause" follower, then you are aware that several new chapters of this ministry are popping up right here in Georgia as well as nationwide! One of these, led by Erin C., has recently started up at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church. I am so proud of Erin and her team and amazed at what a great start they have gotten off to in such a short amount of time! She also has a separate blog which includes weekly updates and details about their effort to help the needy in their community. Please click here to visit it when you have a chance!

This week, she shows us how only $1.30 can purchase over $20 worth of groceries for the local food pantry! The following came straight from her website:

Here is what my family picked up this week at Publix for The Pantry with coupons:

*2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest boxes of pasta
*5 Ronzoni Garden Delight boxes of pasta
*1 Taco Bell kit
*7 one-pound bags of Mahatma rice

If you were to purchase these items without sales & coupons, you would pay $22.15.

With sales and coupons, we only paid $1.30!!

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