Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 Stone Church in Lawrenceville, GA: "Clipping for a Cause" Compassion in Action Project!

Over the weekend, 12 Stone Church of Lawrenceville, GA participated in a "Clipping for a Cause" Compassion in Action Project! Lorraine Shaffer, a member responsible for heading up the whole effort, shared this information with me about what they did. I couldn't help but pass it along! What a great idea!

"The group teams did awesome! They bought over $600 worth of groceries with $200. We broke up into five teams and went to Kroger and Publix with a competition between the two stores for sales. 365 items were purchased at a average cost of 55 cents. Overall savings at Publix 73% and at Kroger 66%. We know someone at the Gwinnett Daily Post and there's suppose to be an article in the Sunday paper in the Community Section. Several of the ladies that came were already super clippers and taught the newbies. They knew more than I, which I was glad about, so it went well. We will be starting a "Clipping for a Cause" chapter at 12 Stone that will meet at my house. Kroger and Publix agreed to donate gift cards if the amount saved and bought equaled $250 per store, which we did. We will receive $250 gift cards from each store to use to buy for the Co-op. GOD is good!"
Thank you so much to 12 Stone and their Compassion in Action team for all of their hard work and success!

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