Saturday, July 24, 2010

Southeast Gwinnett Co-op: OUT of Food...Please Read!

From Laura Drake, Director of the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry: OUT OF FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SCRAPING TO GET THROUGH THE DAY.

This absolutely broke my heart to read. Because of a similar crisis at the North Gwinnett Co-op, "Clipping for a Cause" had already committed to helping them stock the shelves this month. These are our neighbors. People like you and I who have fallen on hard times, some having to ask for "hand-outs" for the very first time in their lives. People who have no other choice. My prayer is that although we have made a prior commitment, perhaps enough food donations will come in prior to Thursday's mobile food drive that we will be able to split the food between both co-ops. Please take a moment to consider donating anything..even if it's one can, and we'll do whatever it takes to get it to the people who need it so desperately. Thank you.

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