Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recent Stats: Nearly 5 Months In!

I was curious to know what the total savings and out of pocket expenditures have been nearly 5 months into this "Clipping for a Cause" endeavour! These calculations are based on receipts saved since February by several members of our local Georgia chapter. Items donated on Mobile Food Drives day cannot be calculated in the "savings" or "spent" category because people just bag up their donations and leave them out to be picked up. Also, we have recently expanded into other states (i.e. Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi) and since they are just beginning, no numbers are available for those quite yet.

Anyway, here you go! This is something for everyone involved to be proud of!

Amount Saved To Date: $1,652.33
Amount Spent out of Pocket: $60.37

Number of Items Donated: 3,525

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