Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mobile Food Drive-669 Items Donated Today!

Speechless. In awe. The above pictures are proof that those of you who continue to support "Clipping for a Cause" are directly affecting the lives of people who would otherwise be without these items. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I always get the opportunity and honor to talk to some of the clients we are all helping on the "Mobile Food Drive" days. Today, I couldn't help but smile as I pulled up to the Quinn House and all of the regular men who live there came out to help me unload. They are the friendliest most loving people..making all of this even more worthwhile. Anyway, I had an exciting announcement for all of them: "Come get your Schick Hydro Razors and Shave Gel!" While I dropped off other things to the Quinn House, these were definitely the hot items! I don't think I even got into my van and backed up before I saw them briskly walking inside with the bags to decide who was getting what!

In all, between the Quinn House, Family Promise of Gwinnett and the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op, 669 items were donated today. What an absolute blessing!

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