Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saved $316.09, Spent $5.75 Out Of Pocket at Publix!!

Last night I went to pickup our weekly Publix order for the food bank. Lets just say it was a new record! All of my favorite peeps were working last night and about 6 of them gathered around the register to watch each coupon scan and see that total come down! Our ministry couldn't do it without the Publix off of Fence Road in Dacula. Hands down, they have the best customer service, friendliest employees, and, not to mention, they want statistics each time we walk in the store about how much we have spent, saved, and donated to those in need! They are just as passionate about serving community members in need. It's hard to see everything pictured: nearly 30 boxes of oatmeal, 58 bags of Wacky Mac pasta, 34 packages of Maybelline eyeliner, 11 bags of Halls, 4 bags of Mahatma rice, 3 boxes of Yakisoba noodles, and 3 pkgs of Schick razors. Total saved: $316.09..Total Spent: $5.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carrie said it best last week at our weekly clipping party when she talked about the analogy of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and how He is also taking these donated coupons and feeding thousands with very little out of pocket too! Even being the person who was physically there last night at the store to witness the total at checkout..I am STILL in disbelief that this pile of items will be donated for little over $5!!
You can see all of the coupon matchups in this post. The other thing that really helped the total was the $10/$100 Kroger coupon that Karla donated to the ministry! We are so lucky that our store accepts competitor coupons!!

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