Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lee's Inspirational Story with Photos!

Here is some background information before I quote exactly what Lee (a member of First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville and Clipping for a Cause) wrote in her email to me this morning. I have never met her before in my life before this Sunday! We were merely "email friends" before that...communicating back and forth about "Clipping for a Cause", how she could get started couponing, how she could get involved, etc. I began by directing her to the blog and answering any questions that I could for her. In a matter of weeks, I could "feel" the transformation over the emails! Lee would express that she had gone coo-coo for coupons (and so many of us can relate!) and couldn't stop! Taking a leap of faith on her own..she followed the suggestions posted on the blog for ways to donate for free or pocket change and proof of her successful shopping trips is pictured above!

I can't help but share the email she sent to me today. Her enthusiasm is contagious as you will see!

From Lee:
"Can't tell you how excited I am about this ministry. I am officially a crazy coupon person as I took my first pictures of stuff last night. The 1st picture (on the table) is all the FREE stuff I have to donate to Clipping for a Cause! The free stuff just makes me so happy because I had no idea this was even out there until I read your blog. The 2nd pic is the other stuff I have to donate (most items < $1).

Can't get the stuff to you today for the mobile food drive, but wondered if I could bring it to you on Sunday.

And, I mentioned Clipping for a Cause to my neighbors at a cookout on Sat and as of yesterday I had 17 inserts in the drop box I put on my front porch!"

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  1. 17 inserts! WOW! Wish I had neighbors like that!